Monthly Theme

Paid members are invited to submit one image for (with the exception of June) that suits the assigned theme for every regular monthly meeting of the Lethbridge Photography Club. These images are evaluated by club members prior to the regular meeting. An open discussion is encouraged and the comments and critiques of the submitted images are presented with the photos during the monthly meetings.

Please read the following instructions on file sizes and NAMING your images and then submit your images to  before 11PM on the SUNDAY before the next regular meeting.  When sending your email, please put THEME-month in the subject line.  Also including the TITLE of your image would be helpful (not a description). 

*** To help with file management, please follow the file naming instructions below. ***

Image Size

For optimal presentation, images must be at least 1200 pixels on the smallest side.

Our digital projector has a resolution of 1920 (w) x 1200 (h) pixels. Images that are smaller than that projector’s resolution will be enlarged when displayed and the image quality will not be optimal.

Panoramic photos typically have an aspect ratio of 2:1 (1920 w x 960 h) or larger.

File Naming

Please name your files in the following way in order to help our theme co-ordinator put the images together in the quickest way possible.

Your full name  – Title.jpg
example:  Lorelei Hoffarth – A Walk In Sunshine.jpg

Note that a title is not necessary, and if you choose not to title your image, just leave that blank.  So your file name will now be your name.
Lorelei Hoffarth


An evaluation meeting is held the day after the deadline, which is typically the Monday evening (7:00 PM) before the regular meeting at Casa.

We encourage members to attend these evaluation meetings as a way of learning how to critique images and participate in a deeper discussion of photographic technique and vision.

Print Themes

While the majority of our monthly themes are digital, we feel that the print is still an important part of photography. We typically have three to four print themes each year.

To participate in our print themes, we have a few guidelines:

  • Be a paid member in good standing.
  • Prints can be any size you like. Bear in mind that larger prints may present better than a smaller print.
  • Prints do not need to be framed. If they are framed, please remove the glass.
  • Unframed prints should be firmly mounted on a stiff backer board so they can stand upright.
  • Whether your print is matted is up to you.

Prints need to be brought to the meeting before 6:15pm so we can get them organized for judging.

Theme for Year-End Meeting (June)

For each June meeting, we have an open theme where you may submit any image you please. For our year-end meetings, we accept both digital and print submissions. All submissions will be evaluated by the membership as a whole, with a group discussion about the images during the meeting.

We invite you to submit images in any of the four following categories:

  • Print:  Single image
  • Print:  Series-of-Three
  • Digital:  Single image
  • Digital:  Series-of-Three

For the Series-of-Three, the images should belong together, being of the same subject, or subjects that balance, contrast, or complement each other.

Print Submissions should be brought to the regular meeting on the third Thursday in June by 6:15pm.

The deadline for digital submissions will be the night before the regular meeting.

Themes for the 2020-2021 Club Year

Oct 2020 – Sunrise / Sunset
Nov 2020 – High / Low
Dec 2020 – Covid Moment
Jan 2021 – Classic
Feb 2021 – Special Events / Moments
March 2021 – One pic, you edit
April 201: Long Exposure
May 2021: Still Life
June: Open (competition)

Themes for the 2019-2020 Club Year

September: Open
October: Texture
November: Family/Friend (Print)
December: Let there be light!
January: Beach
February: Brrrr…
March: Yellow
April: Wild (Print)
May: Travel
June: Open (competition)