March 2023 – Regular meeting this Thursday (March 16) – 6:30pm – Casa Community Room

hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t kept up with this blog, or the website!

Here is an update about our meeting tomorrow (March 16th)
Our theme this month is ‘Fleeting Moment’. When I think of ‘Fleeting moments” I think of this image by Henri Cartier-Bresson, although he describes it as the “Decisive Moment” . It is also a great write up about capturing that moment.

I look forward to seeing our member’s interpretations!

Our field trip show will be on the trip to Nicholas Sheran Park this last Saturday (march 11th). Thank you to Sigrid for organizing the trip and to Chris for putting the show together.

We will have an ed segment by Annetta called “10 years of growth”, showcasing her photography journey from where it started to today.

Lorelei will be doing the Been There segment about her trip to Long Beach, Washington and a Horse Photography workshop. You may have seen this before at a previous Photofusion night, but we hope the new members and all will enjoy it.

We also have a short Secret assignment from 2008 that Lorelei is showing. Lorelei and a previous member, Dixon Ng, created the show together and we wanted to show you how much fun it could be to join forces with another member, in creating a been there, or a secret assignment together.

If we have enough submissions, we will start the section called “Favorite photos of 2022”, which is being put together by Chris (big thank you!). Hopefully we will see a few members favorite photos, or photos that meant the most to them in 2022 along with a short description of the photo.

Wayne will be presenting this month’s secret assignment.

That should take us to the end of the meeting. Sounds like a great night!