What happened at the Nov. meeting and what is coming up for December

November 15th meeting:

Introduction:  What are you doing new with photography?

Ralph read names and positions of the Executives for the 2018-19 year.

Reminder:  Photo Fusion is planned for March 5 & 6, 2019.   Slide shows can be 3-6 minutes long.

The photo club will be hosting a Post Processing Workshop using Lightroom.  Date is set for January 19, 2019.  Cost will be $15, and will be held at Casa.  This replaces the new camera workshop that was hosted previously.

Thank you Chris Oates for putting together the fieldtrip slideshow from the Sandstone Conservatory.  Thank you Kandra Forbes for putting this fieldtrip together, and to all those who submitted pictures.

Valentina Tkachuk presented a Being There segment from her trip to Newfoundland.  Amazing pictures Valentina!

The Eg Segment for the meeting was “An Insight into Food Photography” by Maximo Lange.

The key to good food photography is to create a story with your picture.  Keep the composition simple, and ask yourself; what is the star of this photo?  Avoid visual clutter and keep backgrounds simple.  Give breathing room by using negative space.  Work inside your own world.  And remember:  No one can see you what was left out of your shot!

Consider your light source.  Use natural light, such like from a window.  Think about back lighting or side lighting to make a picture more interesting.  Front light tends to be flat and unflattering.  There is more pop with back and side light, as well as richer colors.

Consider using Reflectors (bounce light and effect shadows) and Diffusers (soften light).

MOVE!  Find out what works best.  Get different angles.

Color Theory:  Use colors to attract the viewer.  Analogous (creates a warm feeling; calm) and monochromatic (different variation of teh same color).

Some simple tricks:  Use raw ingredients.  Keep your dishes clean.  Add a bit of oil (to add shine)  and water (to add texture).  Show food in the cooking process.  Always use fresh ingredients.

Break the rules!  Stay creative and try to add your own style.

Best focal length for food photography is 50-80mm.  Remember to stay close to the subject.


On November 24 – December 15th, the Trianon Gallery will be showing an exhibition of Van Christou’s photography.   The club will also have some of Van’s photography equipment for sale as well on Nov 22nd.  If interested, contact the club.

The theme for this month was “Flowers.”  It was a print submission.  Nineteen pictures were presented.  Thank you Ian McGillivray and Byron Lee for critiquing the images.

Some recommendations and comments from critiques were:  Watch the direction of your light source.  Treat floral photography as a portrait.  Use a reflector to bounce light and lessen shadows.  Use a shallow depth of field to focus on your subject.  Watch for unnecessary things in your image (parts of another flower, unwanted items in a foreground like twigs, grasses).  Darken edges or leaves to keep your eye on the part of the picture you want.  Too much light can create hot spots.  Using a diffuser can help eliminate these.  Consider spot metering on a flower will help to create a dark background.

The Secret Assignment this month was “Symmetry” by Gord Ayers.


What’s coming up for the December 20th Regular meeting:

For our December meetings, we like to change things up a little bit and make the treats a little more special.  So we ask that everyone bring a small plate of their favorite sweets, or appetizers to share with everyone.  Annetta will also be making up some Apple Cider, and we encourage everyone to bring along their own mug and to enjoy the cider and coffee throughout the meeting.

Theme is Before & After.  You will need to submit 2 pictures for this theme.  You can interpret this theme any way you want to, whether it be before and after a house remodel, before and after beauty photography session for example, or the before and after pictures from a creative editing session.  Completely up to you, just make sure you include a picture both for the before image, and one for the after image.  Upload them both to the theme account.   Please try and label them with an 1- for the before image and an 2- for the after image before the file name.  For example Lorelei Hoffarth-1-A Bridal Portrait   and Lorelei Hoffarth-2-A Bridal Portrait.  With “A Bridal portrait” being the name of the image.  That should get it in the right order and make things easier for our Laptop person.

Theme entries need to be uploaded by midnight, Sunday, December 16th.

Our ed segment this month is by Lorelei on “Your camera’s exposure meter settings and what they mean”.

Secret assignment is by Kathleen Klemen.

ANother Ed Segment by David Tanaka on CALL system.

And a Been there segment by Ekpes Akpanudoh.

And don’t forget about the critique night!  If you would like to help out in putting the critiques together, or would just like to go and listen and learn, that will be in the small meeting room starting at 7:00 on Monday, December 17th.

Also remember that if you would like to go to the Lightroom workshop on January 19th, you must register with your payment by the end of this meeting.
Thanks!  Hope to see you there!








What happened at our October meeting and what is coming up for Nov. 15th 2018 meeting

Oct 18, 2018 – Meeting Recap

Help Portrait is planned for November 10, from 11-6pm.  Hosts and photographers are still needed.  If you can help out, please contact Steven Layton.

Two slide shows were presented from the fieldtrips to Park Lake and the Crowsnest Pass.  Thanks to Chris Cook for planning these fieldtrips, Chris Oates for putting the slideshows together, and to everyone who submitted pictures.

Our theme this month was Small Towns.  There were 19 submissions.

The Secret Assignment was from Denise Nilsson.  Titled “The 1st Day of a Burmese Mountain Dog.”   The show was about a summer event, which was the adoption of her new puppy!  Congratulations Denise!  We all enjoyed the pictures of your beautiful new friend.

The Ed-Segment was on Light Painting presented by Byron Lee.  Byron showed a Light Painting tutorial by photographer Jason Page, where he shows you how to create a Spirograph also known as a Light Painted Physiogram.   To see the video, click on the link:


Tools to create these Spirographs from this website cost approximately $100 USD.  Byron then proceeded to show club members how to create the same photos for under $2!  All you need is LED finger lights which can be found from The Dollar Store, colored plastic sheets (Michael’s or any other craft/hobby store), string, and an elastic.

Put 2 LED finger lights together with the elastic (one will be lit up, the other acts as a counter weight).  Use a string to hang the lights approximately 18” above your camera.

Camera settings:  Manual mode; Manual focus;  F11-F22; ISO 100; lens open for approximately 30 seconds; focal distance 18mm

If your camera has multi-exposure, you can use “additive mode” in the multiple exposure function, which seems to give the best results.  (Stacking 3 images works best as well).  If not, use a piece of cardboard to cover your lens while creating the spirograph and switching lights (if using more than one color).  Or you can use a white light, and place colored sheets (cut down to cover the lens) over the lens.  Try 2 different colored sheets side-by-side for a different effect.  Byron also found the placing his camera on a turn table or a Lazy Susan (to make it easier and give you a smoother way to rotate your camera), and rotating every 2 seconds, while the light is spinning above creates some very interesting patterns.  Best effect is to not rotate the plate more than ¾ – 4/5 around.

One of the things that Byron found with this exercise, it gave him a better understanding of the relationship between time and light, and time, light and motion. It also gave him a better understanding on how the camera works and how the camera sees and interprets things, which is not always how we see and interprets things.  Once you understand how all these work in relationship to one another it will help you in becoming a better photographer.

After the demonstration, Byron presented his own slide show (Weave the Light).  Amazing photographs Byron!  Thank you for the demo!

The AGM followed the regular meeting.

Many thanks to Lorelei for being president of the club for the last 2 years!  You have done a wonderful job.  As well to the other members of the Executive who have stepped down.  You all leave big shoes to fill.

THANK YOU Sigrid for compiling these minutes from our meetings for me to post!

UPCOMING for our November 15th meeting:

Theme is Flowers.  It is a print theme, so bring your prints into the meeting and try and come at few minutes early to find a spot for your print.  There are instructions on the website here (just scroll down to the section on Print Themes https://lethbridgephoto.wordpress.com/information-for-club-members/monthly-theme/

We will have a been there segment by Valentina Tkachuk and the field trip show (from the sandstone trip) by Chris Oates.

Our ed segment will be on food photography by Maximo Lange.

Secret assignment by Gord Ayers.

That should be it! Sounds like a great meeting!

A reminder that Ralph is looking for someone to take over running the laptop at our meetings.  If you can help out let him know.

We also need someone who will apprentice under Chris Oates to learn the sound system, so that we aren’t left in the dark if he cannot make a meeting. Chris doesn’t think he will miss any more meetings this year, but we really need to have a backup plan in case something calls him away.  If you don’t mind helping either approach Chris at the beginning of the meeting or talk to Ralph

Thanks!  and see you Thursday!


What’s happening at our upcoming meeting October 18, 2018

We were delighted to see so many people at our first meeting of the year in September.  We hope to see you at all our meetings, and look forward to seeing your images!

We have a full meeting for October, so I hope you enjoy it all!   We will need to break at the end of the meeting for the last 20 minutes, for our annual general meeting, where we will go over our finances, and elect our new executive.

Our theme for the evening is ‘small town’.  The deadline for submitting for this theme is Sunday, October 14th at midnight.    The images will be discussed at the critique meeting on Monday 15th, and they will find someone to discuss the critiques at our meeting on the 18th.

Also on the agenda, is a field trip show covering the Park Lake field trip and the trip to the Crowsnest Pass.  Thank you again to Chris Oates for putting this together for us and to Chris Cook for organizing the field trips.   Remember to submit your images to Chris O when he sends out the email asking for image if you went to either of these field trips.

The secret assignment is by Denise Nilsson.

Byron Lee will be presenting an educational segment on Light Painting.

And finally if there is time before the annual general meeting, we will have a been there segment by Valentina.

I just wanted to thank Shaun for going over our website and getting it updated again.  In case you didn’t know, you can find our theme images on the website after the meeting by looking under the “Photo Galleries” tab.

Also new rules for submitting your images for the theme.  Please just title your images with your name space, dash, space and the image title.  Such as “Lorelei Hoffarth – A Walk in the Sunshine” .  There is no need to put the date or month in your title any more.

Thanks everyone.  I am off to a photography convention in Calgary, and won’t be at this meeting, so our Vice President , Steven Layton will be taking over for me.  Have a great evening!


About our last meeting – Sept. 20th, 2018

Welcome to all returning and new members to our first regular meeting for the year!  It was great to see so many faces.  Thanks to Chris Oates and Ian Thompson for calibrating the projector prior to the meeting.  The images looked fantastic up on the big screen.

Chris Cook started our meeting with a run down of upcoming fieldtrips planned for this year.  They are great fun and everyone is invited to come.  Our first field trip is planned for 6pm, Wednesday Sept 26 at Park Lake.  Please keep an eye out in your email for more information.

Ralph Arnold presented a “Being There” segment on “Trekking the Albania Mountains.    Pictures looked great.  Thank you Ralph for sharing your amazing adventure.

Sigrid Miklos did a talk on how the photo club has helped make her a better photographer over the past 3 years of being a member.   A slideshow followed with the progression of her photography from 2015 – present time.

There were 24 pictures submitted for the monthly theme, which was “Photographer’s Choice.”

Some things to note:

When taking pictures; a lot of things can be corrected or improved through editing programs, but if your focus is off, there is nothing that can be done to correct that.

In portrait photography, a dark background will help to bring out hair highlights.

Sometimes a leading line works better when the first subject, foremost in the frame is in focus.  A slightly less shallow depth of field could help with this.

Renee Pahara spoke about the upcoming Arts Days in Lethbridge from September 22 – 30th.  This is a list of events happening in downtown Lethbridge.  Check out www.artsdayslethbridge.org for more information.

A mini-Ed Segment was presented.  Ian Thompson used 2 of the theme submissions and re-edited them to show how sometimes changing a landscape image to portrait can make more impact.  Removing distractions and improving light and dark contrasts in the sky and foreground can give an image a more powerful “wow” factor.  Lorelei Hoffarth changed the colors of feather eyelashes on her portrait image to show how it can change the look of the subject.

Chris Oates put together a slideshow from the University of Lethbridge fieldtrip and Bird’s of Prey fieldtrip held in August.  Thanks to all who submitted pictures and to Chris for doing a great job on the show.

Our next meeting will be October 18th.  This will be an AGM.  Our president and 4 members of the executive will be stepping down.  Please consider joining and helping the club grow with your ideas and talents!

(Thank you to Sigrid for taking notes and providing this update for me to post! … Lorelei)

Regular meeting September 20th, 2018

Welcome everyone to the new club year (2018-19) of the Lethbridge Photography Club.  We hope you had a wonderful summer.  We are definately looking forward to everyone sharing their images with us.

The first meeting of the year will be held on Thursday September 20th, 2018 at 6:30 in the ATB Community room at Casa.  Our meetings usually end around 9:00 pm.

On the agenda for this meeting will be the Open theme or photographer’s choice. If you have been a paid member or intend on paying that night, then you are welcome to submit an image to the theme.  Deadline to submit is Sunday, Sept. 16th by midnight… and you can find more information under the ‘members’ tab.  Images are critiqued on Monday, by anyone that wants to come out and help us out with that, and the critiques are presented to the membership at the meetings.  We do not have a competition for themes… it is critique based only.

We do have a secret assignment by Stacey Henderson, field trip show put together by Chris Oates, and a been there segment by Ralph Arnold.

Sigrid Miklos is a fairly new member who we have enjoyed watching grow in the last few years to an amazing photographer.  Sigrid has agreed to do a short talk on what brought her to the club, how she has used what we offer in terms of field trips, workshops, and friendships to get her to where she is today… We hope new members will take note and hopefully in a few years, we can ask you to make a presentation!

McBains camera may also stop in to say hello and give us a little chat on something new or interesting in the store.

Just a reminder that the annual general meeting is in October.  There will be an agenda going out for that immediately after the regular meeting.  We will need at least 3 or 4 new executives this year, as well as a new president..

Hope to see you at the Sept. meeting!

What’s coming up in June:

Our final meeting for the 2017-18 club year will be on  Thursday June 21st, starting at our usual 6:30 pm start time at Casa.  The final meeting is run a little bit differently than all the rest of our meetings, in that the main event for the day is our year end digital and print competition.  The images are voted on by all members attending the meeting.   I could explain the process here, but it would be easier if you went to the theme information page, and scrolled down a bit, to find all the information that you need.  You can find that page here:  Theme submission information

Also at this meeting, we will have a been there show by Judy Gundlock and perhaps a field trip show from the Crowsnest Pass trip.

We are excited to see everyone’s submissions!  Remember to get those images to your printer in plenty of time to get them back for the meeting.

We missed you all at the Scavenger Hunt 🙂  Thank you to Chris O for organizing the event, and for the wonderful topics that we had to find.  Results will be posted at the annual bbq at Gary Stauffer’s.

Our annual year end bbq will be held on Wednesday June 20th, at Gary Stauffer’s home.  We will send out an email with the address sometime in the next week.   Start time is 5:30 pm.  You will need to bring a meat which you can bbq there, or already prepared for you and anyone that you bring along, and a dish (salad, potatoes or dessert, etc) to share with everyone pot luck style.  Bring along your own plates and cutlery and you are welcome to bring any alcholic bubby that you might enjoy, as well as any other drinks.  There will be coffee there, I believe.

Hopefully I will remember to send out another information email next weekend on this.

Lenna will be going through our library books, and any that we haven’t loaned out in a while, will be up for grabs this evening.

You have until June 24th to visit the Helen Schuler Nature Center to see our Nature’s Lens exhibit.  And for those that are exhibiting, please pick up your prints on the 24th during the Centre’s hours.  If anyone can help take the prints down, and remove the hanging wires, I would appreciate some help at 10:00 am.

That is all for now!  Hope to see you on the 20th and 21st.  !