January 20, 2022 Regular meeting and other updates

hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know what will be happening at out meeting this month. It will be a zoom meeting starting at 7:00 on Thursday January 20th.

Our theme is architecture, (No bridges allowed). We will have a critique night on Tuesday Jan 18th in the evening, Watch your emails for a link to attend that . We could really use a little help with the critique nights so please do consider attending.

Also on the agenda for our regular meeting is an ed segment on Sports photography by long time Lethbridge Herald photographer Ian Martens. Ian used to belong to our club and we have always enjoyed his contributions, and look forward to hearing from him again. Ian will be speaking at the beginning of our meeting, so please try and get logged in early so that you don’t miss it.

George Clayton will be doing a lightroom segment, and we will have a been there segment by Chris Oates (I think).. Chris will also be putting together our images that you send in for your ‘Day in the life’ segment. Please upload up to 10 images from Saturday to the field trip collection gallery to be included. This is often a great way to learn a little bit more about our members.

I think that is all for the meeting. Some of our members will also be attending two different meetings this month hosted by other clubs. (the Cochrane club and the Edmonton club) . Keep watching your emails for more opportunities like this.

We are also looking forward to hosting two speakers which we will be able to share with these other clubs also. Although the date is not confirmed yet, we are hoping to have Nicholas Goodden from the UK speak to us about Negative space and maybe a bit about street photography. Still working out the details, and hoping for the beginning of February for that so that you can use his thoughts when you are creating your theme picture for February. Nico’s website is http://www.nicholasgooddenphotography.co.uk

And confirmed is Cole Thompson who we will have on April 2nd . Cole is a contributor to the Lenswork BW magazine. His work is thought provoking and beautiful. His website is http://www.ColeThompsonphotography.com and the Lenswork magazine’s website is http://www.Lenswork.com

Watch your emails for more information on both of these special presentations.

Thanks and lets make this a great month for the theme images. Architecture is all around us, and you dont have to worry about the wind blowing its hair, or the branches. So head on out there, and submit an image if you can.