What’s coming up at our January 18th meeting? and recap of December meeting

Hi everyone!  The executive hopes you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, despite the cold weather.

Our next regular meeting is on Thursday January 18th, 6:30 in the community room at CASA.  The theme this month is “Night Sky” and it is a digital month. So have your entries submitted digitally by midnight Sunday January 14th… and the instructions are on the website here:  how to enter theme images

We had a great turnout of theme entries last month, but were short of members to help critique those entries on the Judging night.  Please do try and make it out, to offer support, a few words, your opinion… and let us know what you see in the photographs.  We would love to have some new input!  And… you learn a lot while you are there too!  If you would like to participate it will be in the small meeting room at CASA starting at 7:00 PM on Monday January 15th.

To go with out photo them, David Tanaka and George Clayton will be having a discussion/ed segment on Night Photography.  We hope this will prepare you some for our field trip to Japanese Gardens on Thursday January 25th (a week from the meeting).

The secret assignment is by Denise Nilsson.

We are asking members to send in ONE image that they took since the last meeting to share with the membership.  As your image is shown, we will ask you to get up and say a few words about the photography, where it was taken, things you considered, what it means to you, etc.   Submit these images in the same way that you submit the theme images, BUT make sure you put “Christmas photos” in the subject line, so that Doug knows it is not a theme image.  Remember, your image doesn’t need to have anything to do with Christmas but must have been taken around that time.


Thank you so much to Sigrid for writing up these notes for me.

This meeting was lead by our vice-president Steve Layton.
Steven mentioned that 120 families participated in Help Portrait this year!

Introductions were  Favourite Family Tradition

New Camera Workshop will be held on Sunday, January 14, 2018 from 11am – 4pm.  It’s for beginners and open to the public.  Expecting 20-25 people to attend.   Stations will be set up for Canon, Nikon, Other, and Editing.  Email club for more information.  NOTE:  the executive has changed the hours of the workshop to 11am till 3 pm.  If you can help out at all please do come, even if you can’t stay for the entire day.

Fieldtrip Slide Show – Waterton
Some Comments from the Slide Show:  Car Pooling was a great idea, and great fun going as a group.  Questions as to why there were snail shells that were white, despite the burn at Maskinonge Overlook.  It was thought that the snails where just under the dirt when the burn occurred.

Photo Essay – My Grandma, by Kandra Forbes.  Kandra mentioned that this was an exercise in taking candid’s for her, and mentioned that we should all take time to take pictures of someone we cherish.

Ed Segment:  Lightroom by David Tanaka (quick summary of his talk)

Best program for image editing.  It is a subscription model.  Previous retail versions of Lightroom will no longer by supported by the end of 2017.
There are approximately 12 stops of dynamic range which can be recovered in RAW files.

Demo on what to do with RAW images, and how to recover a bad photo:
1st Panel to work on is Lens Correction.  Enable Profile Correction
Basic Panel:  Watch the Histogram, Exposure Value,  Highlights, Bump up saturation
HSL Color Panel:  Adjust saturations
Clarity:  Mid-tone adjustments. Deepens shadows.  Negative values can become cartoonish, and too high on positive values can become too harsh
Detail:   Used to improve the crispness of an image by sharpening the image.  But be careful!  Over-sharpened, and the image will have a stippled look.
Use the Opt key (Mac) or Alt key (PC) for mask view.   Radius shows what will be sharpened.  Masking controls what will be sharpened.  White areas will be sharpened, black will be masked out.

To apply the same edits to other pictures:
A single image at a time, use the Previous button.
Multiple images – go to the Library, select all the images you want to edit; go back to Develop and press Sync.  A window will open up, and you can choose what adjustments you want to apply to all other pictures.
The “Lock” symbol in the cropping mode will maintain aspect ratio.
Under Color, adjust Temperature.
Adjust Shadows & Highlights.

Lightroom works well for architecture images as it keeps them geometrically pure.
Transform:   Straighten picture.  Improves building/architecture shots.
Question was asked why to use Saturation vs Vibrance?
Vibrance: reads which hues need color.  It produces subtle changes
Saturation: equally adjusts all colors.  Okay for overall adjustment.

Theme – Panorama:  15 images submitted.
Brani talked about the images shown.  One of the images was a different take on Panorama.  It was a Stereographic Projection, produced in Photoshop.  Another similar approach is using the Tiny Planet Maker app on your cell phone.

Slide Show – In memory of Van Christou, by Ralph Arnold.

Final Announcements:
In January, members are encouraged to submit a favourite picture taken anytime between Dec 22 – January 6, and will have a chance to talk about them at the January meeting.  Does not have to be a Christmas picture.

A committee will be formed regarding the exhibit this spring at the Helen Schuler Coulee Centre.  Please contact the Photo Club if you are interested in being a committee member.

What’s Coming up at our December 21st meeting

Hi everyone!  I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season!  Before I get into the agenda for this month’s meeting, I wanted to let you know that in January, you will have an opportunity to bring your favorite image from the Christmas season (doesn’t have to be a Christmas image) to the January meeting to show the members.  This will be similar to the segment we had in September where everyone brought their favorite image from the summer.  You will have the opportunity to tell us all a little about the image and why it is one of your favorite. This segment was so well received in September, so  we thought we would try it again.

The December regular meeting will be led by our vice president Steven Layton, as I will be off to the States by then.

On the agenda is our theme, which is Panorama.  This is an image which is basically longer than it is wider.  I think we decided that it should be at least twice as wide as it is tall.  Do be careful though, that if you make it too long, then it is often hard to see up on the screen or when we are judging the images at the critique night. So make sure you can still see the detail on your monitor, and then we should all be able to enjoy it.  You can create a panorama quite easily on your iPhone, simply crop an image that you have taken on your camera.  The most detailed way, would be to take a series of images, and to stitch them together in Photoshop.  Just Googling ‘panorama photography’ will give you a number of ideas and tutorials. Your photo needs to be submitted by 11:00 PM Sunday Dec 17.

David Tanaka will be doing our ed segment this month, which is titled 5 quick tips for Lightroom.  So, if you have any Lightroom questions and if there is a little extra time, I’m sure David wouldn’t mind answering them for you.

Chris will be putting together a field trip show on the trip to Waterton that was on Nov 25th.

Kandra Forbes is doing our secret assignment for the month.

For our Christmas meeting, Annetta will be bringing in a pot of apple cider, and we would love it if everyone that is coming could bring in a small plate of Christmas goodies to share with everyone for the coffee break.  Bring your own coffee mug if you would like to fill up on the cider before the meeting starts.

I think that is it.  I want to take this time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing your images in January.

November General Meeting

We certainly had a full night of amazing images and discussion this evening!  Thank you to everyone who came out and who participated!

The evening started with introductions with the question of the day,  ‘what is the last thing you took a picture of’.  We had all sorts of responses from porcupines, to Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, a table to list for kijji… to my new grandson.  It was a fun few minutes, and gave us a little peek into our member’s lives.

The first show was the Pavan Field trip show, compiled by Chris Oates.  Thanks everyone for supporting the field trips that Chris Cook organizes!  Your images were wonderful.. and thanks to Chris O for putting them together for us again!

Valentina gave us a report on an exhibition that the club will be holding at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre during May and June next year.  More information will be available after our executive meeting next week but generally here is the information that I put into our proposal:

  1. Title of exhibit: Art in the Lethbridge Landscape
  2. Central theme: Landscape images with an artistic flare of parks and nature reserves in Lethbridge

We would like the images to be on the artistic side… something closer to what you would see displayed in an art gallery rather than what you would see in a text book.  It does not mean that you have to use photoshop to create special effects.. as shown by the beautiful artistic image that Gordon Ayers created without any special processing.

Anyways, we will try and figure out how many images we can hang in the gallery and when the deadline will be for submissions, etc.  But it will likely be around  the middle of March to give you time to get your image printed and framed.

George Clayton’s secret assignment was presented… and it took a few guesses but we were able to guess his assignment was “Dark”..  Thank you George.  Your images were stunning.

Our ed segment was presented by Jason from the London Drugs Photo department.  He talked about some directions he sees that might influence photography, like Virtual reality, 360 cameras and drones.  He said that he feels like with more and more people having easier access to creative cameras, that photography communities will develop more, creating places where people can share their images.. Like we do at the photo club.

He talked a bit about their photo lab and the various things that they can print on, from creating photobooks, to mugs and canvases.  They can accept various file types, etc.  But you should look into their website for that.

Thank you to Ralph for organizing this ed segment with Jason.  It was a really great segment, so thank you to Jason too!  If any other members know of someone that they think would make a great speaker, please do contact them, and then us, and lets see if we can make it happen!

Gary Stauffer and David Tanaka let the print critique segment.  This time, they had every member come up and talk about their image for a minute, before they gave their critique.  It was so wonderful to see the everyone being so open and sharing with their images.  I remember a time when we had to make every image anonymous, so that you could hide the fact that it was your image if you wanted to.  But this sharing is just so much better!  I just can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this segment.. both for the conversation and for the images that we were speaking on.  And David and Gary.. you were fantastic, courteous, and encouraging…. thank you so much!!

Just a reminder to anyone who submitted a printed pic, to also submit the digital entry to theme@lethbridgephotoclub.org, so that we can post it on the website theme section for this month.

A few comments from the critiques:
– great perspective by getting down  low to the ground
– great use of the circumstances (smoke) to create a unique picture of something that is so well known (the Burmis tree)
– beautiful use of the golden hour of sunrise to create color on the mountains that many of us never see
– Landscapes do not always have to be wide to be effective
– great use of diffused light to create a beautiful image that looks like a painting
— what is NOT there (in a composition) can be more powerful than what is …
– You don’t need lots of color for a successful landscape image

And that was the meeting, other than a few announcements.  The coffee crew headed to Boston Pizza for great after-meeting conversation.

For anyone who couldn’t make the meeting, remember that we now have a theme gallery on the website, and we will post this month’s theme images just as soon as we give everyone a chance to submit them to us.

Google brings physical Photo Books to Canada

Google now has a photobook feature that can be used to print your favorite images a real analog book.

Images can be selected manually or you can allow Google’s algorithms to select what it deems to be your best images in different categories.

It would be interesting to test to print quality of Google’s Photobooks against some of the other online companies. Anyone going to try it out?!


Recap of October 19th meeting, and What’s coming up in November…

Our October meeting started off with a sort of dedication to long time member Van Christou who passed away recently.  It happened that the executive had been talking about doing more to record the history of the photo club, and Chris Oates was able to arrange an interview with Van this fall about his involvement and the changes he saw as a long time member.  Chris did such a great job of putting this interview together for us, and it was so wonderful to hear Van one last time.   Thank you Chris.

Our ed segment for the evening was on tripods.  I played a short video on what to look for and think about when you are shopping for a tripod, as well as how to use it.  Then Ian Thompson gave a great presentation on the tripods that he uses, and what he loves about them.  Gord Ayers also showed us a few that he has and again told us what he loves or dislikes about them.  It was a really informative segment and I want to thank Ian and Gord for that!

Chris Oates put together a show of members images from 3 field trips recently.  The unofficial trip to the Hot Air Balloons in High River, the Gerry Lutwick memorial field trip to the Crowsnest Pass, and a trip to Japanese Gardens.  Thank you everyone who submitted.  The images were beautiful.  And thank you to Chris once again.

The photo essay of the day was presented by Ralph Arnold.  His assignment was to photograph images for a children’s book.  We were all entertained by his rendition of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss ..  Thank you Ralph for the time you put into creating a great show, and for showing us all how to ‘go outside our box’ once in a while.

The theme for the evening was ‘Wildflowers’ and the critique was led by Ian Thompson.  There were just over 20 beautiful images, and I know we all appreciate the critique which was given.  Thank you also to the members that spoke a little about how they got the shot.  Thank you Ian for investing time into the club once again, to prepare the critique in a way that we are all encouraged to improve every day.

We ended the meeting with the annual general meeting and elections.  The membership voted Lorelei Hoffarth in as president for a 2nd term.  They also voted for 9 people for the board:  Shaun Dergousoff, Ralph Arnold, Brani Srnec, Chris Oates, Annetta Slingerland, Steven Layton, Peter Jowett, Lenna Greer, and Doug Petriw.   Positions will be assigned at their first executive meeting

That wrapped up the night!  Coffee was at Boston Pizza.

What’s up for the next monthly meeting?

Our next monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, November 16th starting at 6:30 in the community room at CASA.  The theme for the evening is Landscape, or environmental portrait for those that want to add a portrait aspect to their image.   REMEMBER that this meeting is the PRINT competition, so there will be no pre-judging done before the meeting.  Everyone should bring their prints in early to the meeting (anytime after 6:00), and we will set them out for the members to look at.  When it is time for the critique, we will have one or two members lead the critique but we will encourage discussion by the general membership also.  Prints can be of any size, and displayed in any way (framed or not)… but you should at least have the print on a hard backing so that it is easier to move around and display for the critique.  It is also easier to critique if the print is at least an 8×10.    (Side note:  I’ve started doing a little printing at home, and if you would like me to try printing for you, I can print up to a 12 x 18.  Just message me and Ill give you a price on that.. and we can discuss papers.   I would probably like to try and give you a 4×6 sample proof ahead of time so that you can approve it before I print it bigger, so it would be good to start this as soon as possible).

Jason from London Drugs will be coming in to talk about what is new in the world of cameras and lenses for our educational segment.

Ralph will be presenting a show he has put together of some images of Van Christou at our field trips combined with some of Van’s theme images over the past while.

The secret assignment will be by George Clayton

Will hopefully have a field trip show on the Waterton field trip.

Other upcoming events and notes from the executive:

A few members will be getting together to calibrate the club projector and laptop.  We hope that this will help some of the differences in brightness and contrast that we have been experiencing.  Hopefully this happened yesterday (31st) but I haven’t talked to anyone that was involved yet.

Our new positions for the executive are:
President:  Lorelei Hoffarth
Treasurer:  Brani Srnec
Secretary:  Ralph Arnold
Vice President:  Steven Layton
Library:  Lenna Greer
Laptop/theme:  Doug Petriw
All around audio and slide show guy:  Chris Oates
Our Instagram account will be handled by Christy Burris (not on the executive)

Valentina volunteers at the Helen Schuler Nature Center and is working to help us get an exhibition there in May-June next year.  Watch for more information as this is confirmed and the process for submitting has been ironed out.

We are working on setting a date for our annual New Camera Workshop in January.  When we hold this, it is open to the public as well as the general membership, to approach any member who is there to help out and ask questions about their cameras or about lightroom and/or photoshop.   What for more information on that.

And we are hoping to book a date in April for a more comprehensive hands on workshop.  We haven’t really decided on the topic yet, or whether it should be beginner or advanced, so if you have any ideas of what you would like it to be about, please do contact us through the website.

I think that is about all for now!

See you in a couple of weeks.


Monthly Update – October 3, 2017

Recap of September 21st, 2017 meeting
  It was wonderful to see everyone again after our summer vacation break.  We had a great turnout of members and submissions this month.  I want to thank you all for participating and making this club so great!
First I want to thank Chris Oates for putting together a show of images from the most recent field trips to Red Rock Canyon and the Pioneer Village.  To everyone who submitted to those shows, thank you also.
The first photoessay for the season was by Randy Jensen whose topic was ‘My Summer Vacation”, and Chris Cook put together a show of images from field trips over the years.  Each image was a picture of club members on those field trips.  Thank you to both members for putting these shows together
Our theme was an Open theme for the month, and we enjoyed one of the biggest number of entries we have seen for a while. There were many beautiful entries and great comments by Ralph.  Our critique night on Monday also had one of the biggest attendances we have seen in a while, and we loved all the input by our members.  Ralph put those comments together to present to the club on the regular meeting night. Thank you so much Ralph for doing that for us!
For our ed segment we decided to try something a little different.  Every member was encouraged to bring one image from their summer break, and to stand and speak about the image.  I was floored both by the beautiful images, and for the wonderful personal critiques that everyone gave.  We will certainly try this again, as I am sure that everyone enjoyed it.

Next regular meeting:  October 19th, 2017 CASA Community Room
  The executive has some great plans for the next meeting.  The theme is wildflowers, and your submission is due by Sunday, October 15th at 11 pm.  Please refer to the members tab above, then theme… for file naming rules, and how to submit your images.  Then the critique night will be held on Monday evening starting at 7:00 in the small meeting room at Casa.  Everyone is welcome to see how these critiques are put together and to help us put together a critique that is informative for both the photographer, and the membership.
The Secret assignment for this month is by Ralph.
Chris Oates will be doing a show from our recent field trip to Japanese gardens.  So if you have any images for that, get them sent in. I imagine he will be sending out a notice telling you how to do that if you haven’t participated before.
The executive decided last year, that we wanted to try and put together a history of the club.  The first person we thought of to talk to was Van Christou, and going with that, Chris Oates did an interview with Van about his participation and the history of the club.  We had planned to show it to the members this month.  As most have you have probably heard, Van passed away last week.  His presence in the club will be surely missed by all.  As a tribute, we do plan on showing the interview, as well as a slide show that Ralph will put together of images of Van at field trips (if he gets enough images).  This will be our special way of remembering him.
We do also have a couple of other ed segments planned, although I am not positive how much time will be left for them.  The first one, which we will do for sure, is a segment on tripods.  We hope to have this be a rather casual segment, and are asking our members that if they use a tripod, then please bring it along, and tell us what you like or dislike about your tripod.  I also have a short video to show that explains what to look for in a tripod.
We are also planning to have short ‘photoshop or lightroom’ tips which we can have ready to go, if we have the time.   If we do run out, then the segment that is planned for this month may have to wait until November.
Along with the regular meeting this month, we will be having our Annual General Meeting.   Be watching for the agenda/announcement in your email.  At this meeting we elect the board members, and a president.  From there, at the first exec meeting, the secretary, treasurer, etc are assigned or elected.  We are looking for recruits!  Our club cannot grow and flourish without new people helping us out.  We have three members stepping down this year, which means three pair of boots to fill.  Our executive usually meets a week after our regular meetings (the next Thursday) at the community meeting room in London Drugs.  Please please let us know if you or someone you know will be willing to sit on the board.  We cannot go on without a full board.

Celebration of  Life:
I also wanted to mention that the celebration of life for Van will be held on Thursday Oct 5th. Follow this link from Martin Brothers for more information http://www.mbfunerals.com/lethbridge/obituaries/obit_details.php?obitid=13250

Thanks everyone!