PhotoFusion Info for Members

PhotoFusion is an annual event open to the public in March or April when members of the Lethbridge Photo Club showcase their work in digital slideshow presentations.

March 8th and 9th, 2022 our show will be both live at Casa and broadcast through a social media platform (probably You Tube)

Ideally we will have enough entries to present different shows on each of two evenings. If you are interested in creating a show, please follow these instructions:

  • Our digital projector’s resolution is 1920×1200 pixels, so shows should be exported to this size for optimal presentation.
  • Programs must be in a digital format. (ProShow, HD video, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • If exporting as video, please ensure the resolution is at 1080p HD or at our digital projector’s native resolution of 1920×1200.
  • Maximum show length is 6 minutes.
  • Your program does not have to be a solo effort, you may collaborate with other photographers.
  • Your program should be “tight” and well edited.
  • Choose your images with care, but try not to present a large number of images in rapid succession. Give viewers the opportunity to appreciate each image.
  • Your music MUST be copyright free as we will be broadcasting the show (likely on You Tube) and these sites are very strict about that.
  • If you can dream up a show and produce it we will probably show it.
  • Stop-motion shows are welcome
  • If you are having problems with the creation of a show please feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with someone to assist you.

Additional information on how to create shows in ProShow Producer or Gold can be downloaded from here: Show guidelinesNote.. proshow producer and gold are no longer available.

Our goal is to fill each evening with shows unique to each evening, which means a good hour-and-a-half to two-hours of program time, so we need your show!

Whether you are presenting a show or not, do mark your calendar for at least one of these evenings, and come out and see what the other members are up to. Every year has been a wonderful success and we all look forward to the next.