Recommended programs for creating slide shows

Pro-show Gold/Producer (PC only): Many of our members use this program which was from, however, you cannot purchase it any more. It used to be the go-to slide show creator for our club.

Photopia (PC and MAC): (suggested by Ralph Arnold)

Photopia purchased pro-show from photodex, and now has its own slide show creator. It looks like an amazing program, however, it looks like it is by subscription only with the ‘creator’ program being $9.95/month and the director version being $24.95/month. They do offer a 21 day free trial. Website is

Photostage (PC and MAC): (suggested by Lorelei Hoffarth)

I needed to find a new slide show program when I had work done to my computer and had to reload my programs. I could no longer reload my old version of pro-show producer. I have found photostage, and although it doesn’t do as much as photopia, it has worked well for the slide shows I have created so far. It says you can get a free download, but that is just the trial version. The trial version does not leave any watermarks or banners on your show. I don’t know what the difference is between the home version and the pro – other than I think there is more video support in the pro version. Home version is $39.95 US (till end of Dec 2021, then it will be $60 US) and the pro version is $59.95 US till end of Dec 2021, then it will be $80 US. Feel free to contact me if you would like a zoom meeting where can show you how it works. The website is

IMovie (MAC): suggested by George Clayton, Chris Oates, Ian Thompson, Donna Kroeger and Wayne Dwornik)

Most of our Mac users have used imovie for some of their slide shows. However, I think it is a little bit limiting, as many members also have other software that they use if they want to do a more professional show. IMovie comes with your Mac, no additional purchase is necessary, I believe.

Final Cut Pro (Mac): suggested by Ian Thompson

Video editing program available through Apple, which can be used to create professional quality slide shows. Available in the apple store for $299.99 US

Adobe Premiere Pro (PC and Mac): suggested by Wayne Dwornik

Premier Pro is a video editing software which again, can be used for slide show. It is available in the creative cloud for $27.99 US a month, but is also included in the ‘all in plan’ with other programs.

From John A: This is a tutorial I used for creating my Photo Fusion shows this year in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Rush (PC and Mac) : suggested by Wayne Dwornik

This is the simpler version of Premier Pro. It is available through the adobe cloud for $12.99 US/month. I believe this has a mobile app included.

Adobe Premiere: (PC and Mac): suggested by Wayne Dwornik

Wayne says that a simple version of this program is available with your purchase of Adobe Elements. But I cannot find confirmation of this, so you will need to check this out on your own.

Animoto (Online PC and Mac): suggested by Lorelei Hoffarth

This is an online slide show producer with many features. It has plans from $0 to $39 US / month, but with restrictions at every level. For instance you cannot download your slide show in the free version, and I believe there is a limit on the length. Once you start paying for the plans, then you have access to their music library and other features. I haven’t used this in a long time, so you will need to explore the features on your own. Website is