Its the end of the year 2022!

Happy New Year to everyone! We hope all members had a great Christmas and that you all took a few minutes to turn your camera towards your loved ones and your memories.

We do hope that 2023 sees more members feeling more comfortable and can find the time to attend our in-person meetings. Thank you to those that have attended and who have helped to create meeting content for us.

A reminder that the club has a photo website, which is available to members only with a password. If you do not know how to log in, just contact us and we will get you up to date on that. The website has all digital theme images posted, as well as field trip images, etc. It is a great place to see some wonderful imagery.

It would also be nice if members would contact us and set up a little personal gallery on the site. We can set you up with a link, and you will be able to upload your own pictures, whenever you like.

Click here to go to our photo site:

Be watching for a questionnaire that John will be sending out, asking for your opinion on how often we should do ‘print’ theme meetings, and also whether or not we should post every meeting to our you tube account. We wanted your thoughts on this.

We have a field trip to the river bottom coming up on Jan 7th. Check the side bar, and your inbox for more information.

Our first major event is coming up on Jan 14th, and we would love some help with this. It is our ‘new camera ‘ workshop, where we invite the public to come to us for guidance on their camera, photography and on editing. The more of our members with different cameras we can have there, the more questions we will be able to answer. Let us know if you can make it for at least part of the day. It runs from 11 till 4 on Saturday Jan 14th, in the community room at Casa.

Gord Ayers has made our submission for our try at an exhibit in the main gallery at Casa . Our theme is ‘Let there be light’ and we should know by the end of January if our exhibit was accepted.

The next regular meeting is on January 19th, Community room at Casa starting at 6:30. Our theme this month is “Candy” so break outside of your box, try something new, interpret the theme however you like, and submit an image. If you have an idea but lack the lighting to try it out, send me a message ( and Id be glad to help you out if you don’t mind shooting in a garage that might get a little cool. Our ed segment will be with Alicia who will be talking about writing for a newspaper. We also have a been there and a secret assignment scheduled for this meeting. It should be a great one!

Hope to see you then!