Next Meeting: Thursday, Dec 17th, 2015

Our next meeting is on Thursday, December 17th, just a few days away.

We have a couple new items to present at the meeting, along with the usual features. The agenda will include:

  • a review of the images submitted for the monthly theme of ‘Glass’
  • a Been There segment from Byron Lee
  • a Photo Essay from Ralph Arnold
  • Secret Assignments from Doug Petriw and Gary Stauffer
  • Photo Lab Tests from Brani Srnec
  • Macro Photography info segment by David Tanaka
  • Photo Critiquing info segment by Shaun Dergousoff

Photo Lab Tests

Photography can be simplified into three very basic parts. Capturing the photo, processing or manipulating the photo, and printing the photo. We have near total control over the first two, but when it comes to having our images printed we usually rely on outside sources to take our photo and present us with an accurate representation. Sadly, it doesn’t always work in our favour because we don’t have the control over the final out come. It becomes a case of trial an error to arrive at a result we are happy with. The various sources to have our images printed here in Lethbridge can provide us sometimes vastly different results.
So, to take some of the guess work out, Brani has gone to the various photo printing shops in town to get prints made of the same set of images. These prints will be presented for display at the meeting for your inspection. You’ll be able to see how the results compare with each other.

Macro Photography

David Tanaka will be giving a presentation on macro photography that will include details about how much gear, and how little gear you can use to take close-up photos of the world around us.
This presentation is in advance of hands-on session during the January meeting. You’ll be invited to bring along your camera and try out some macro techniques at we will have set up.

Photo Critiquing

In past years we had so-called ‘casual meetings’ in between our regular meetings where members would be invited to bring along images to be critiqued by the attendees. We would like to bring back these meetings and will take time during the December meeting and present a few images along with sample critiquing as an example of what such a ‘casual meeting’ could be like. While we do welcome additional comments during the theme image review, there isn’t always as much time within the regular meeting to allow for as full a discussion per image as we’d like. We see these casual meetings as way to more fully explore the knowledge gained from image critique.

And lastly…

As with past years, with this being our Christmas meeting, we invite you to bring along a tasty snack to share during the break.

See you at the meeting!