What’s happening at our upcoming meeting October 18, 2018

We were delighted to see so many people at our first meeting of the year in September.  We hope to see you at all our meetings, and look forward to seeing your images!

We have a full meeting for October, so I hope you enjoy it all!   We will need to break at the end of the meeting for the last 20 minutes, for our annual general meeting, where we will go over our finances, and elect our new executive.

Our theme for the evening is ‘small town’.  The deadline for submitting for this theme is Sunday, October 14th at midnight.    The images will be discussed at the critique meeting on Monday 15th, and they will find someone to discuss the critiques at our meeting on the 18th.

Also on the agenda, is a field trip show covering the Park Lake field trip and the trip to the Crowsnest Pass.  Thank you again to Chris Oates for putting this together for us and to Chris Cook for organizing the field trips.   Remember to submit your images to Chris O when he sends out the email asking for image if you went to either of these field trips.

The secret assignment is by Denise Nilsson.

Byron Lee will be presenting an educational segment on Light Painting.

And finally if there is time before the annual general meeting, we will have a been there segment by Valentina.

I just wanted to thank Shaun for going over our website and getting it updated again.  In case you didn’t know, you can find our theme images on the website after the meeting by looking under the “Photo Galleries” tab.

Also new rules for submitting your images for the theme.  Please just title your images with your name space, dash, space and the image title.  Such as “Lorelei Hoffarth – A Walk in the Sunshine” .  There is no need to put the date or month in your title any more.

Thanks everyone.  I am off to a photography convention in Calgary, and won’t be at this meeting, so our Vice President , Steven Layton will be taking over for me.  Have a great evening!


About our last meeting – Sept. 20th, 2018

Welcome to all returning and new members to our first regular meeting for the year!  It was great to see so many faces.  Thanks to Chris Oates and Ian Thompson for calibrating the projector prior to the meeting.  The images looked fantastic up on the big screen.

Chris Cook started our meeting with a run down of upcoming fieldtrips planned for this year.  They are great fun and everyone is invited to come.  Our first field trip is planned for 6pm, Wednesday Sept 26 at Park Lake.  Please keep an eye out in your email for more information.

Ralph Arnold presented a “Being There” segment on “Trekking the Albania Mountains.    Pictures looked great.  Thank you Ralph for sharing your amazing adventure.

Sigrid Miklos did a talk on how the photo club has helped make her a better photographer over the past 3 years of being a member.   A slideshow followed with the progression of her photography from 2015 – present time.

There were 24 pictures submitted for the monthly theme, which was “Photographer’s Choice.”

Some things to note:

When taking pictures; a lot of things can be corrected or improved through editing programs, but if your focus is off, there is nothing that can be done to correct that.

In portrait photography, a dark background will help to bring out hair highlights.

Sometimes a leading line works better when the first subject, foremost in the frame is in focus.  A slightly less shallow depth of field could help with this.

Renee Pahara spoke about the upcoming Arts Days in Lethbridge from September 22 – 30th.  This is a list of events happening in downtown Lethbridge.  Check out www.artsdayslethbridge.org for more information.

A mini-Ed Segment was presented.  Ian Thompson used 2 of the theme submissions and re-edited them to show how sometimes changing a landscape image to portrait can make more impact.  Removing distractions and improving light and dark contrasts in the sky and foreground can give an image a more powerful “wow” factor.  Lorelei Hoffarth changed the colors of feather eyelashes on her portrait image to show how it can change the look of the subject.

Chris Oates put together a slideshow from the University of Lethbridge fieldtrip and Bird’s of Prey fieldtrip held in August.  Thanks to all who submitted pictures and to Chris for doing a great job on the show.

Our next meeting will be October 18th.  This will be an AGM.  Our president and 4 members of the executive will be stepping down.  Please consider joining and helping the club grow with your ideas and talents!

(Thank you to Sigrid for taking notes and providing this update for me to post! … Lorelei)

Regular meeting September 20th, 2018

Welcome everyone to the new club year (2018-19) of the Lethbridge Photography Club.  We hope you had a wonderful summer.  We are definately looking forward to everyone sharing their images with us.

The first meeting of the year will be held on Thursday September 20th, 2018 at 6:30 in the ATB Community room at Casa.  Our meetings usually end around 9:00 pm.

On the agenda for this meeting will be the Open theme or photographer’s choice. If you have been a paid member or intend on paying that night, then you are welcome to submit an image to the theme.  Deadline to submit is Sunday, Sept. 16th by midnight… and you can find more information under the ‘members’ tab.  Images are critiqued on Monday, by anyone that wants to come out and help us out with that, and the critiques are presented to the membership at the meetings.  We do not have a competition for themes… it is critique based only.

We do have a secret assignment by Stacey Henderson, field trip show put together by Chris Oates, and a been there segment by Ralph Arnold.

Sigrid Miklos is a fairly new member who we have enjoyed watching grow in the last few years to an amazing photographer.  Sigrid has agreed to do a short talk on what brought her to the club, how she has used what we offer in terms of field trips, workshops, and friendships to get her to where she is today… We hope new members will take note and hopefully in a few years, we can ask you to make a presentation!

McBains camera may also stop in to say hello and give us a little chat on something new or interesting in the store.

Just a reminder that the annual general meeting is in October.  There will be an agenda going out for that immediately after the regular meeting.  We will need at least 3 or 4 new executives this year, as well as a new president..

Hope to see you at the Sept. meeting!

What’s coming up in June:

Our final meeting for the 2017-18 club year will be on  Thursday June 21st, starting at our usual 6:30 pm start time at Casa.  The final meeting is run a little bit differently than all the rest of our meetings, in that the main event for the day is our year end digital and print competition.  The images are voted on by all members attending the meeting.   I could explain the process here, but it would be easier if you went to the theme information page, and scrolled down a bit, to find all the information that you need.  You can find that page here:  Theme submission information

Also at this meeting, we will have a been there show by Judy Gundlock and perhaps a field trip show from the Crowsnest Pass trip.

We are excited to see everyone’s submissions!  Remember to get those images to your printer in plenty of time to get them back for the meeting.

We missed you all at the Scavenger Hunt 🙂  Thank you to Chris O for organizing the event, and for the wonderful topics that we had to find.  Results will be posted at the annual bbq at Gary Stauffer’s.

Our annual year end bbq will be held on Wednesday June 20th, at Gary Stauffer’s home.  We will send out an email with the address sometime in the next week.   Start time is 5:30 pm.  You will need to bring a meat which you can bbq there, or already prepared for you and anyone that you bring along, and a dish (salad, potatoes or dessert, etc) to share with everyone pot luck style.  Bring along your own plates and cutlery and you are welcome to bring any alcholic bubby that you might enjoy, as well as any other drinks.  There will be coffee there, I believe.

Hopefully I will remember to send out another information email next weekend on this.

Lenna will be going through our library books, and any that we haven’t loaned out in a while, will be up for grabs this evening.

You have until June 24th to visit the Helen Schuler Nature Center to see our Nature’s Lens exhibit.  And for those that are exhibiting, please pick up your prints on the 24th during the Centre’s hours.  If anyone can help take the prints down, and remove the hanging wires, I would appreciate some help at 10:00 am.

That is all for now!  Hope to see you on the 20th and 21st.  !


May 17, 2018 meeting recap

Hi everyone!  I thought I would post the meeting recap on its own this month, and then watch for the ‘whats coming up’ portion after our executive meeting on Thursday.  Thank you again to Sigrid for compiling these notes for all of us!

The photo club has purchased 5 new books for our resource library.  They are:

Night Sky

Night & Low Light Photography

Black & White Photography

Table Top Photography

Close up & Macro Photography


Old resource material, no longer used will be available in the June meeting, for anyone interested.

Our next field trip will be on June 2nd.  We will be going to Lundbreck Falls, Oldman River Dam, and Heritage Acres Farm Museum. Watch your emails for updates on where to meet, etc.

Thursday, June 7th will be our Scavenger Hunt.  It will run from 6:30 – 9pm.  Meet in the parking lot behind The Lodge Hotel.  From there, you will be put into teams and given a disposible film camera to take your 24 pictures on your list.  The film will be developed and available for everyone to see and vote on at the year end BBQ.

Year End BBQ is planned for June 20, at Gary Stauffer’s house.  Bring your own meat (eather prepared or to cook on a bbq), and a dish (salad, veggy, or dessert)  to share with everyone.  Watch your emails for further information and directions.

Last meeting of the year will be June 21st.  For this meeting we have a friendly competition which is judged by the club members.  For more information look for the year end theme section here:  https://lethbridgephoto.wordpress.com/monthly-theme/

Prints should be brought to the meeting by 6:15 and your digital images are due by midnight, Tuesday June 19th, to give us some time to arrange the images for easier viewing at the meeting.  Remember you can enter 1 or all 4 categories if you like.

A slide show of the Writing-on-Stone fieldtrip was presented.  Lots of great images from that day!


Chris Oates shared 5 condensed videos of one of his favourite photographer vloggers that he follows on YouTube named Peter McKinnon.  https://www.youtube.com/user/petermckinnon24    You can check out the full videos in the links below:

Camera Basics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixRKeQMa7Nc

Night photography: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPytBIKUD-k

Product Photos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0jGg-MUd-U

Take Better Shots with your iPhone:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AywNcZL6IQQ

Five Tips to Instantly up Your Photo Game:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb5bjlnDkCs

Our theme for this month’s meeting was Food.

The Secret Assignment was done by Maximo Lange.  He had many beautiful and fun photos of his subject, “On the Wall.”

Kandra Forbes extended an invitation for any members who may be interested in attending a Canoe Tour on a unique part of the Milk River on June 15th.  This is through her place of work (Milk River Watershed Council).  For more information or to register, you can contact Kandra at:  kandra@mrwcc.ca

Ralph Arnold shared his photos from Columbia in a “Been There” segment.

Ralph also has a photographer website that he shared with the group.  https://www.iancorless.net/

This is an ultra marathon photographer who does more than just capture pictures of the athletes that are participating in these events.  He captures their emotions, the surroundings, and the conditions at these races as well.  Check out Ian’s various galleries.

Lenna Greer shared a video on one of the lesser understood subjects on photography, your camera’s histogram.  Check out the video link for a pretty comprehensive explanation of how histogram’s work.


Lorelei Hoffarth explained Resolution and Image Size, followed by a short video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp2Q2g0A5wc

There is also a very cool website where you can access instructional photography and video classes.  https://www.creativelive.com/  (Home page)

https://www.creativelive.com/photography?via=hero-freeform_1  (Courses page)


The meeting wrapped up with a final “Being There” segment from Byron Lee.  His slideshow was from Belize (2017).




Recap of April Meeting and what to look forward to for May meeting

Thank you to Sigrid for compiling these notes from our April meeting!

Thank you Chris Oates for putting together the slide show from the Helen Schuler Nature Centre fieldtrip, held on April 14th.

Valentina read a thank you note sent to the club, from the Helen Schuler Nature Centre for the exhibit on display.  All photographs will be available for viewing until June 23rd.

Ed Segment “Night Photography” by George Clayton & David Tanaka (quick summary)

George and David talked about Night Photography and some of the challenges that can come along with it.

Take advantage of the moon, but be aware that it blows out after 10-15 seconds.  You will need different settings for your camera when shooting with the moon vs shooting on a moonless night.   The advantage of shooting with the moon:  It brightens the foreground of your picture; the disadvantage is that you will have little to no stars in the sky.

There can be issues in focusing.  Setting your lens to infinity can serve you well a good portion of the time, but not always.   Use Hyper Focal Distance:  (rather than trying to explain it, here is one write up that I googled:   https://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/hyperfocal-distance.htm)    Use a wide angle or photo stack (2-3 pictures).  Remember composition!

Have something in the foreground to make a better photograph.  Try keeping the white balance at 3500-4500, to deal with different light temperatures.

You don’t have to go outside of the city to do night photography.   Nautical Twilight is where the sun is 12°  below the horizon.  This is not quite pitch black.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself in the foreground! (check out Paul’s website for some beautiful night photography, and putting yourself in the picture:  https://zizka.ca/  )  Use Continuous Shot if your camera has this.  ISO should be set between 1600-3200.  Shutter speed at 15-20 seconds.  If you are trying to shoot lightening, shutter speed should only be about 5 seconds.  .

If you are trying to shoot the Northern Lights, make sure your shadow is not in the picture (cast by the moon or another light source).   Panoramas are possible as Light Room and Photo Shop can stitch pictures together quit well.  Remember to shoot vertically, and overlap each shot by 50% or 1/3.   Shutter speed should be set for 5 seconds to get a pop of color, although it is difficult to get a foreground that is not black.  Set ISO at 1600, and take 3, 5, or 8 pictures for the panorama.

When taking pictures of the Milky Way, be aware that there is no core visible during the winter months, and no arch during the summer months.

Clouds can bring drama to night photography, but too many clouds can become a distraction, or cover all the stars.

Try using Starry Landscape Stacker to remove noise.  (https://sites.google.com/site/starrylandscapestacker/home)

A slideshow on Night Photography created by Chris Oates, George Clayton & Chi Chow followed the Ed Segment.  Here are 10 tips to keep in mind:

  • Get out early to set up your camera and figure out composition.
  • Use a tripod and the widest lens you have. Fast lenses are better.
  • Darkest sky is 2 hours after sunset
  • Have a fully charged battery
  • Set your ISO to 1600-6400. Slower lenses need a higher ISO
  • Set your shutter speed to 10-20 seconds. By increasing your ISO, you can lower your shutter speed.  Shutter speeds of no more than 15 seconds can eliminate star trails.  If you want star trails in your picture, keep your shutter open longer than 20 seconds.
  • Focus in manual. If you leave your lens on Auto, it will try to focus for you.  Use a remote.
  • Set your camera to shoot in continuous mode. Also shoot using Live Mode.  Level your camera in the field if you can.
  • Expand your image to find a bright star and manually focus on that until clear. If you can’t find a star, use another light source in the distance.
  • Dress warm!  Wind produces a wind chill, even in the summer.  Use interval time shooting for stacking in Light Room or Photo Shop.

The Secret Assignment was done by Ian McGillvery.    Images were of “Negative Space” from his trip to Mexico.

This month’s theme was “Pet Expressions” which was a print submission.  Pets express themselves through their whole bodies.  There were some excellent examples of this.  It was also noted that getting pictures of pets by a side profile works better for those animals with longer faces (such as dogs or donkeys).

Whats up for the MAY MEETING!

Our theme for this month is “Food”.  Have fun with it, and experiment!   You have until midnight on Sunday to get your submissions in..

The ed segment will be put on by a few executive members who will be either highlighting an instructional video on the web, a photographer, or will be giving you a quick tip.  And if you have any questions that you have been wanting to ask, please do, and we will try to find the right person to answer your question.

The secret assignment will be by Maximo Lange.

We could probably fit in a been there segment if someone has one that they would like to show..  Just email contact@lethbridgephotoclub.org

We will be purging our library, and some books will be available for members to take home at our June meeting.

That’s all for now!