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April 20th Monthly Meeting

Our next monthly meeting will be held on Thursday April 20th, in the community room at CASA starting at 6:30.

The meeting will be opened with a secret assignment show by George Clayton and our ‘day in the life show’ which I put together a couple of months ago.

Then we will hold the education segment which is an ‘experts panel’ .  The panel will consist of David Tanaka, Ian Thompson, Ian McGillivray, Annetta Slingerland and Ralph Arnold. These members have volunteered to share their knowledge in everything from long exposure photography, to their favorite peice of gear, posing tips, photos while travelling, and the latest in camera technology.

Please bring your questions along!  We hope to have a wonderful discussions on topics initiated by you.

After the break our theme discussion will be held.  The theme is Coulees.

Note that we have a field trip coming up on April 29th to a farm with a lot of old buildings and things on it.  Chris has sent out the email with all the information so look for it in your inbox if you are interested.

I have also lined up a couple of models, so if you would like to learn a little more about posing, working with models, lighting, etc., then just look us up.  I will try and let you know before the field trip what time the models are coming.

And also we are having a new members workshop on May 4th .  Meet at the Elizabeth Hall Wetlands parking lot at 6:30.  The parking lot is right beside the Par 3 golf course along Bridge Drive.  We hope to have mentors there who will help you out with your cameras, etc.  Please email if you are interested in attending this fieldtrip.

See you on Thursday!


March 16 2017 meeting Agenda

Our March meeting is coming up on the 16th, starting at 6:30 in the meeting room at CASA.  On the agenda is:
Theme:  Mirror Image
Photo Essay by Annetta
Waterton Field trip show by Chris O (with images from club members)
Day in the Life show by Lorelei (with images from club members)
Ed segment by Steven Layton and Lorelei Hoffarth on lighting.  We will be covering the basics of flash photography, indoor and outdoor photography with flash, modifyers, etc.  If all goes well, Steven will be shooting tethered during the meeting, so that he can demonstrate both how he is shooting and what the image looks like when he is done.  We will NOT get into editing during this segment.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that put together a show for us for photofusion this year.  We had a wonderful turnout, with completely new shows on the program each evening.  And we had a full, great turnout of guests both evening to watch the performances.  Thank you also to Chris O, Brani, Ralph, Ian T for helping to run the laptop, lights and sound.  And thanks to everyone else who helped to set up, take down, and welcome guests and pass out programs.

Our next special event for the club, after the meeting will be a lightroom workshop on April 8th (Saturday) in the smaller meeting room at CASA.  It will run from 1:00 pm till 5:00 pm.  It doesn’t cost anything but again, we would like you to preregister, so that we know whether we have enough interest to run the workshop… and how many we should set up for.  So that we can give CASA ample time to cancel our room if we need to, the deadline for registering will be Thursday March 30th.   Just email us at and let us know that you would like to register.

I’d also like to thank Shaun for doing some work on the website, trying to organize it a bit so that accessing information from your phone is a little easier.    And also the rest of the exec who have been invaluable to me this year.

I think that is all for now.. Watch your inbox for field trip information in the coming weeks..

New ProShow discount – 30%

February is customer appreciation month for Photodex and so they have decided to extend a 30% discount on Proshow Gold 8 and Producer 8 until Feb 28, 2017.  (The previous discount was 20%)

Please contact the club at for instructions on receiving your discount.

New Units

ProShow Gold: $69.95

  • ProShow Gold (30% off): $48.97
  • ProShow Producer: $249.95
  • ProShow Producer (30% off): $174.97



  • ProShow Gold Upgrade: $44.95
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  • ProShow Producer Upgrade: $89.95
  • ProShow Producer Upgrade (30% off): $62.97
  • Upgrade from ProShow Gold to Producer: $199.95
  • Upgrade from ProShow Gold to Producer (30% off): $139.97

ProShow 8 New Features

Volume Leveling

Lethbridge Photoclub Exclusive – 20% discount on ProShow

Photodex has once again offered a discount to photoclub members  – 20% discount off ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer, including upgrades from previous versions.

Please note that this promotion will be over on December 31st, 2017.

This offer is valid only for paid members of the Lethbridge Photography Club. If you’re interested please send us an email at and we’ll pass along the promo code to you.

New Units
· ProShow Gold: US$69.95
· ProShow Gold (20% off): US$55.96

· ProShow Producer: US$249.95
· ProShow Producer (20% off): US$199.96

· ProShow Gold Upgrade: US$44.95
· ProShow Gold Upgrade (20% off): US$35.96

· ProShow Producer Upgrade: US$89.95
· ProShow Producer Upgrade (20% off): US$71.96

· Upgrade from ProShow Gold to Producer: US$199.95
· Upgrade from ProShow Gold to Producer 20% off): US$159.96

ProShow 8 New Features
· 35 new tracks in the included Royalty free music library
· enhanced wizard
· advanced output options
· Click here for more about what’s new in ProShow 8

Correction: 2016-2017 Themes

In the last post, last year’s monthly themes were listed as being for the 2016-2017 club year. We will not be having a repeat of last year’s themes. Here are the actual upcoming themes:

2016-2017 Themes

To help you focus your creativity the upcoming themes are:

  • September 21 – ’Open’
  • October 20 – Different Perspectives of the High Level Bridge
  • November 17 – Landscape (prints)
  • December 15 – Close Up/Macro
  • January 19 – Canadian
  • February 16 – Black & White (prints)
  • March 16 – Mirror Image
  • April 20 – Coulees
  • May 18 – Single/One
  • June 15 – ’Open’ (print and digital)

Sorry for any confusion…

May Updates

Hello again…
We have a few things happening in May, and here they are:

Casual Meeting – Image Critiquing – Thursday, May 5th

Date:  Thursday, May 5th @ 7:00pm
Location:  CASA – small meeting room

At these meetings, members can immediate feedback for their images and participate in providing critique for images as prints, digital, or otherwise. The atmosphere is less structured than our regular meetings and intended to be very informal.

For those attending, bring along a few images that you’re stuck on, just aren’t sure about, or ones that you love but would like constructively critiqued by the group. Prints or digital images are welcomed.

– – –

May Theme – Sign of the Times

The submission deadline for this month’s theme of ‘Sign of the Times’ is Sunday, May 15th at midnight. Full details about how to submit images are available here.

– – –

March Theme Evaluation – Monday, May 16th @ 7:00 at CASA

Images submitted for May’s theme will be evaluated on Monday evening at CASA. Members are more than welcome to attend. The images will be reviewed and the comments will be presented at the regular meeting on the following Thursday.

Please do consider attending, it’s a great way to see and learn how images can be critiqued.

– – –

Regular Meeting – Thursday, May 19th

Date:  Thursday, May 19th @ 6:30pm
Location:  CASA – ATB Community Room

May’s digital theme is “Sign of the Times”. Submission deadline is Sunday, May 15th at midnight. Full details about how to submit images are available here.

A tentative agenda so far:
– General Announcements
– Monthly Theme: Sign of the Times
– Secret Assignment: Van Christou
– Essay Assignment: Don Reichert
– Short Recap on Focus Calibration
– Processing Challenge/Ed Segment

More details to come…

– – –

Scavenger Hunt – Thursday, June 2nd

Date:  Thursday, June 2nd @ 6:30pm

Our annual Photo Scavenger Hunt will be held on June 2nd at 6:30pm. The rules are simple, teams are given a film camera and a list of objectives and 2 hours to locate and shoot each item or theme. Use the exposures on the film wisely so you can get all the items on your list. The results will be announced at the annual BBQ and at the June meeting. More details will follow as the date grows nearer.

Please note: this is a member-only event

– – –

Year-end BBQ – Wednesday, June 8th

Date:  Wednesday, June 8th @ 5:30pm

Along with the Club year end is our annual BBQ. Gary Stauffer has graciously offered to host it again this year. Official start time is 5:30pm, but feel free to come anytime. The grill will be fired up all night. Please bring anything to put on the grill as well as a communal dish to share. Soft drinks will be provided but feel free to bring your favourite hard drinks. More details to follow as the date approaches.

Please note: this is a member-only event

– – –

Year-End Meeting – Thursday, June 16th

Date:  Thursday, June 16th @ 6:30pm
Location:  CASA – ATB Community Room

As June comes along, so does the Club year end. This is our chance to show our best. The monthly theme is handled a bit differently for June, in that you may submit images in up to four categories:

– single photo of your theme choice, anything goes.
– series of three with a connected theme of your choice.

– single photo of your theme choice, anything goes.
– series of three with a connected theme of your choice.

Your fellow Club members will vote on all categories and there will be a small prize for first in each category.

The results from the Scavenger Hunt will be presented for those that couldn’t make it to the annual BBQ on the 8th.

– – –

That’s it for now… as always, more info for events will be sent as their dates draw closer. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, we’re always interested to hear what you think.

 – Claus