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What’s happening at our next regular meetin: Thursday April 21st, 7pm Casa Community Room

Yes, we will be going live this meeting.. Our first regular meeting since Covid hit. Please be respectful of everyone in attendance. Masks are optional, please feel free to wear one if you choose.

We will have treats and refreshments at this meeting, and a break to enjoy them. However, since we are starting the meeting at 7:00 (our usual time before covid was 6:30) we may have to either shorten our content, or shorten the break if we are running out of time.

Chris will be trying his hand at also zooming our meeting for those that are not ready for in person meetings yet. A link will be sent out later in the week.

We will start the meeting off with our ed segment. John Krempl and Gayle will be back with a presentation on John’s wildlife photography. We are definitely looking forward to this presentation.

We didn’t have a been there segment scheduled for this month, so we are playing a show of Gord Ayers, called “Reflections”

Ralph Arnold created a show about something to photograph on a cold winter’s day, and we will be showing that one too.

Our theme critique will be after the break, so that everyone has time to look at the images before we do our critique. This also helps our critique leaders and gives us time to set up our easel and lighting.

If there is time, I will try and give a short presentation with ideas for our next months theme ‘a portrait featuring the color yellow’. If we do not have time for it, then Ill make up a short write up later to send out to you.

That should be it for the night! See you then!