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PhotoFusion 2016 – Recap

Photofusion 2016 - Brani Srnec_DSF8120 editWe’re more than pleased with the success of PhotoFusion this year. We had a total of 29 shows submitted which meant we could run two full evenings of shows. By some counts we had about 120-140 guests for the first evening, with a bit less on the second. A great audience turn-out matched only by the shows submitted.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the evenings, or the show submission process, please do let us know. We welcome your feedback for ongoing success. You can use our contact form, or email us directly at

Thank you to all that volunteered and worked behind the scenes to ensure that both evenings ran smoothly. And a bigger thank you goes out to all who submitted shows. We’re already looking forward to next year.

The photos above were taken by Brani Srnec.


For those that didn’t get a chance to read the show descriptions or photographer statements in the printed the show programme, the full text is presented below.

A couple members have shared their shows online. If you have posted your show online and would like to share it with the club, let us know! If you would like assistance in getting your show online, again, let us know and we’ll see about getting you set up.

Brani Srnec

San Francisco 2015          Brani is a passionate street photographer who likes to walk the streets of different cities and capture decisive moments and stories of ordinary people. The show you are about to see is dedicated to the city of San Francisco and its great people.

Byron Lee

I have always had a keen interest in photography and have been a member of the Lethbridge Photography Club for the past nine years. I do not specialize in any one particular area, preferring to dabble in a number various aspects of photography. I always try and bring a new a unique perspective to my images.

Captured          This is a compilation of themed images taken over the past year by members of the Lethbridge Photography Club. The show contains 95 images from 35 members of the club. Take note of the wide variety of images and photographic styles. Attention should also be given to the differences as well as the similarities in how the photographer interprets each theme.

The Garden, revisited          Eight years ago I produced my first show for PhotoFusion, called, “Water the Garden”. The garden has evolved over the past years and I like to think that my photography has as well. I’ve taken a few of my favorite images from that first show and added some new elements from a number of different gardens for this version.

Paint the Dark          I like vibrant colours against dark backgrounds. Along with this goes some experiments in light painting using long exposures. In this presentation I have combined those two factors in an effort to be slightly “off the wall” in terms of what some call regular photography.

Chris Cook

For Chris, photography was initially planned to be simply a casual retirement hobby, but has since developed into something well beyond being casual. His interests cover a wide range of subject matter with emphasis on images that have some sort of “fine art” potential.

Into the Sun         This show is an experiment to see what can be done when you break an old rule of picture-taking by ensuring that the sun is in front of the camera rather than behind it. The sun is seldom actually in the image but its existence is clear whether it be somewhere off to the side, or above the lens, or even through thin white clouds.

December in Montreal 2015          Last December was much warmer and drier than is usual. This provided an opportunity to spend a lot more time in the soft mellow winter light wandering the streets of the city’s downtown area, the McGill ghetto, and the old city.

Chris Oates

Mazatlan Carnivale          Mardi Gras is celebrated all over the world. Mazatlan’s Carnivale is the 3rd largest of these celebrations, with mostly Mexican participants. The challenges in shooting the parade are the vast crowds of people and the low light. The colorful spectacle was well worth the long wait for the parade to begin.

David Tanaka

David Tanaka has been a member of the Lethbridge Photography Club for more than 10 years.

Black & White Words & Pictures          When you volunteer for one of the Lethbridge Photography Club’s photo-essays, you don’t know beforehand the subject of your assignment. Mine, for the February meeting, was “black and white.” In Black & White Words & Pictures I’ve used the words of famous photographers past and present to tie the photos into a few themes.

Donna Kroeger

Jazz Fest          These are a few of the pictures of musicians I have had the pleasure and privilege of photographing at the Lethbridge Jazz Festival over the past five years. They are all candid shots done in available light (which, sometimes, is scarce!!) The pictures aren’t in any particular order but I think the first picture expresses the whole feeling of a Festival – a lone trumpet player on the street bringing the city alive with improvised melodies.

Doug Petriw

New Zealand          The collection of pictures included in this slide show is a small sampling of almost 1800 photos collected during a 19-day tour of both the north and south islands of New Zealand. This beautiful and diverse country has a large variety of great photography opportunities. After this vacation, I became a member of the Lethbridge Photography Club. During the past In the 15 months as a member of the club I have learned a tremendous amount from the many talented club members and have been inspired to work at becoming a better photographer. I now want to go back to New Zealand to capture even better photos.

Elfie Hall

I have been a member of the Lethbridge Photography Club for 5 years. Photography has been my hobby for quite some time, however since retirement in 2005 after 32 years of software development in Calgary, I have been able to spend a lot more time at it. My first DSLR was a retirement present and I have been adding to it ever since. Aurora Borealis has been my latest photography interest. I find it very inspiring to look up at the sky and see the stars and the Northern Lights and take in the vastness of the universe.

Northern Lights          Northern Lights can be seen in Southern Alberta. All the photographs in this show have been taken around Travers Reservoir, usually after midnight or early morning. As a member of Alberta Aurora Chasers, a FaceBook group, I get great information as to when it is happening.

Gordon Ayers

Gord has been a member of the Lethbridge Photography Club for about three years. He enjoys the interaction with the members and particularly is intrigued by all the differing interests and interpretations of photography that the members bring to the club. He also travels whenever he can to encounter new landscapes and to enjoy the local cuisine as he believes that photography is more fun on a full stomach.

Santa Fe – Land of Enchantment          A recent visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico offered new and intriguing views of both the landscape and the urban environment. This poorest of states has a rich cultural heritage and a varied natural landscape that make it very much the land of enchantment.

Arches and Canyonlands          This slideshow presents a view of the strange and enchanting landscape of southeastern Utah. Looking at the arches and other rock forms in this area stimulates the imagination and highlights the mysteries of Nature at her work.

Ian McGillivray

The Glass Landscape          I have been a member of the Lethbridge Photography Club for ten years. I primarily shoot the natural world around us. For my show this year, I had some fun and entered a fantasy world. The photos in my show were constructed from coloured glass and sunshine. A great way to overcome the boredom of a cold winter’s day.

Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson has been a member of the Lethbridge Photography Club for 16 years. His photographic practice is mainly abstraction and discovering, what a little light, and a camera, can show us that no one has seen before.

Lost in Infrared          This show leads us to the discovery of an ancient island through new eyes and the surrealism of infra-red imagery.

June Crighton

My interest and love of photography has continued to grow. This has often been a steep learning curve as I explore and attempt to learn so many new possibilities with this art. What I enjoy is the freedom to be creative.

I have read, “the aim of creative photography is to make a visual interpretation of an experience, not just to record an image, and to have the ability to share a captured moment with others.”

Alaska Cruise          It is my hope you will enjoy the beautiful scenery on the Alaskan coast line as the Ruby Princess navigated through the inside passage from the Seattle port through Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca  towards Ketchikan, Tracy Arm Fjords, Juneau to Skagway, Victoria and back to Seattle.

Kathleen Klemen

Long time member of the Lethbridge Photography Club even with the drive in from Vauxhall. I enjoy all types of photography, particularly photojournalism and creating digital slide shows. There’s always something to learn.

Toronto & Blue Jays Fever          My show documents a trip I took in September 2015 to Toronto. My sister and I, and our husbands, took our dad to see two Blue Jays Games. In a few short days I discovered that Toronto is a cool city, caught Blue Jays Fever, and enjoyed experiencing the trip with my dad.

Lenna Greer

Photography is the muse that I can lose myself entirely in, wherever I may be with camera in hand. The lens becomes a mediative focal point to capture a small glimpse of the magnitude of nature. The viewer of a photograph transcends their own experience into the frame, layering it with their own sensory imagination. In this way we communicate beyond words.

Canyon to Canyon          Photography is the muse that I can lose myself entirely in, wherever I may be with camera in hand. The lens becomes a mediative focal point to capture a small glimpse of the magnitude of nature. The viewer of a photograph transcends their own experience into the frame, layering it with their own sensory imagination. In this way we communicate beyond words.

Lorelei Hoffarth

Lorelei is a wedding and portrait photographer in Lethbridge and has been a member of the Lethbridge Photography Club for about 15 years, serving many years on the executive board. She loves to expand her artistry through workshops and creative shoots and collaborations with other artists.

Going to Portland          Lorelei travels down to Vancouver Washington several times a year to visit her daughter there. This show is about some of the locations she likes to visit; the Gorge, the waterfalls, Portland Japanese Gardens, Downtown Portland, the Washington side of the Gorge, a garden in Vancouver and ending with some images of Glacier National Park that she took from the windows of the Amtrak on her way home.

Portrait Show          This is a compilation of some portrait and grad photos that Lorelei took in the time since our last photofusion.

Lorelei Hoffarth & Denise Pezderic

Denise has been with the Lethbridge Photography Club for 8 years and is known for her western lifestyle and ranch photography. She just returned from a trip to Cuba and decided to show some of her travel photos in collaboration with Lorelei.

Cuba         This show is a combination of images shot by Lorelei in January 2015 when she went there to photograph a friend’s wedding, and Denise Pezderic who was there just this past February. We both traveled to Havana, so you will see quite a few images from there, but there is also some from the countryside, Valadero, and of course, the beaches.

Marie Matkin

I take photos for fun and relaxation. I love that I can capture memories to enjoy for years to come.

circling… a round… & a round… & a round          This show began as a Lethbridge Photography Club “secret assignment” show that I created for a recent regular, monthly meeting. It features photos with things and/or people that have a round element.

Mary McIntyre

Temples of Southeast Asia          The iconic five towers of Angor Wat introduce us to several of the temples in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam we are about to see. Angor Wat, finished around the twelfth century A.D., is astounding as you approach this monument which stands 210 feet from the ground. The architecture is stunning with its lotus inspired towers and vast terraces. Built first for the Hindu god Vishnu and later used by the Buddhists, it is not surprising that Angor took hundreds of years to complete and is a storehouse of knowledge of the past. This temple, much as it seen here, appears on the Cambodian flag as a reminder of how much this temple means to the people of Cambodia.

Michael Grigo

My name is Michael Grigo and I’m a local food photographer.”

Food Goes Through The Eyes First          There is a strong connection between food and memories, since we base our social interactions around it and I hope that the following images will bring back some of these memories and if not then at least make your salivary glands work overtime…

Ralph Arnold

Ralph has been a member of the Lethbridge Photography Club since 1994, starting with film and moving on to digital when the price point became reasonable. As an avid traveler and runner he loves to combine the two activities to produce work that in the past would have involved a lot more schlepping of equipment at much slower speeds. He uses a combination of a Canon S100 and an iPhone 5S, while Fran, his wife and running partner, uses just her iPhone 5S for running photos.

Haleakala Maui Run 2016          The show Haleakala Run starts with a common tourist activity on top the Haleakala Volcano in Maui, a visit to watch the sunrise. This is only the start as the plan is to run the Sliding Sands trail down into, across and out of the crater.

Randy Jensen

Rockies          I’ve been involved in photography since a teenager, using my own darkroom and various SLRs.
My interests include nature, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. My primary photographic interests are wildlife, wildflowers, and landscapes, having also done weddings, and portrait photography, and am self taught in digital imaging and editing. I am an active member of the Lethbridge Photography Club, and have participated in various photography and digital workflow seminars, and belong to a number of on-line photography discussion forums.

Valentina Tkachuk

Since joining the Lethbridge Photography Club, I have renewed my passion for photography. I enjoy landscape photography but have since grown out of my comfort zone. I enjoy photographing people in my travels and even experimenting with still life and abstract. There is always something new to try.

Oceans Alive          I have enjoyed scuba diving and wanted to share the wonders of life in the ocean whether it be the colourful corals, the school of fish swimming in unison, or watching manta rays swimming gracefully.

Abstract          The first photo is of kelp on shore. Looking at it, I thought it would be more interesting as an abstract. So that has led to playing around with the abstract concept of things.

Van Christou

My passion for art photography grew out of years of watercolour and oil painting. Beauty in nature in all its dimensions has been my theme throughout my many years of “chasing light” photographically.

Bubbleomania II          The elusive soap bubble illustrates presence of amazing natural forces along with reflection of light made even more fascinating by an unpredictably short lifespan which challenges photographic capture.

Bubble-o-mania is and attempt to express the elusiveness of bubbles in both indoor and subzero outdoor environments in which they produce magical spheres of colour and intricate organic frost patterns.

The unexpected movement of bubbles and their sudden bursting disappearance is reflected in the original accompanying guitar rendition played by its talented young composer, FeiTei Du.