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What’s coming up at our January 18th meeting? and recap of December meeting

Hi everyone!  The executive hopes you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, despite the cold weather.

Our next regular meeting is on Thursday January 18th, 6:30 in the community room at CASA.  The theme this month is “Night Sky” and it is a digital month. So have your entries submitted digitally by midnight Sunday January 14th… and the instructions are on the website here:  how to enter theme images

We had a great turnout of theme entries last month, but were short of members to help critique those entries on the Judging night.  Please do try and make it out, to offer support, a few words, your opinion… and let us know what you see in the photographs.  We would love to have some new input!  And… you learn a lot while you are there too!  If you would like to participate it will be in the small meeting room at CASA starting at 7:00 PM on Monday January 15th.

To go with out photo them, David Tanaka and George Clayton will be having a discussion/ed segment on Night Photography.  We hope this will prepare you some for our field trip to Japanese Gardens on Thursday January 25th (a week from the meeting).

The secret assignment is by Denise Nilsson.

We are asking members to send in ONE image that they took since the last meeting to share with the membership.  As your image is shown, we will ask you to get up and say a few words about the photography, where it was taken, things you considered, what it means to you, etc.   Submit these images in the same way that you submit the theme images, BUT make sure you put “Christmas photos” in the subject line, so that Doug knows it is not a theme image.  Remember, your image doesn’t need to have anything to do with Christmas but must have been taken around that time.


Thank you so much to Sigrid for writing up these notes for me.

This meeting was lead by our vice-president Steve Layton.
Steven mentioned that 120 families participated in Help Portrait this year!

Introductions were  Favourite Family Tradition

New Camera Workshop will be held on Sunday, January 14, 2018 from 11am – 4pm.  It’s for beginners and open to the public.  Expecting 20-25 people to attend.   Stations will be set up for Canon, Nikon, Other, and Editing.  Email club for more information.  NOTE:  the executive has changed the hours of the workshop to 11am till 3 pm.  If you can help out at all please do come, even if you can’t stay for the entire day.

Fieldtrip Slide Show – Waterton
Some Comments from the Slide Show:  Car Pooling was a great idea, and great fun going as a group.  Questions as to why there were snail shells that were white, despite the burn at Maskinonge Overlook.  It was thought that the snails where just under the dirt when the burn occurred.

Photo Essay – My Grandma, by Kandra Forbes.  Kandra mentioned that this was an exercise in taking candid’s for her, and mentioned that we should all take time to take pictures of someone we cherish.

Ed Segment:  Lightroom by David Tanaka (quick summary of his talk)

Best program for image editing.  It is a subscription model.  Previous retail versions of Lightroom will no longer by supported by the end of 2017.
There are approximately 12 stops of dynamic range which can be recovered in RAW files.

Demo on what to do with RAW images, and how to recover a bad photo:
1st Panel to work on is Lens Correction.  Enable Profile Correction
Basic Panel:  Watch the Histogram, Exposure Value,  Highlights, Bump up saturation
HSL Color Panel:  Adjust saturations
Clarity:  Mid-tone adjustments. Deepens shadows.  Negative values can become cartoonish, and too high on positive values can become too harsh
Detail:   Used to improve the crispness of an image by sharpening the image.  But be careful!  Over-sharpened, and the image will have a stippled look.
Use the Opt key (Mac) or Alt key (PC) for mask view.   Radius shows what will be sharpened.  Masking controls what will be sharpened.  White areas will be sharpened, black will be masked out.

To apply the same edits to other pictures:
A single image at a time, use the Previous button.
Multiple images – go to the Library, select all the images you want to edit; go back to Develop and press Sync.  A window will open up, and you can choose what adjustments you want to apply to all other pictures.
The “Lock” symbol in the cropping mode will maintain aspect ratio.
Under Color, adjust Temperature.
Adjust Shadows & Highlights.

Lightroom works well for architecture images as it keeps them geometrically pure.
Transform:   Straighten picture.  Improves building/architecture shots.
Question was asked why to use Saturation vs Vibrance?
Vibrance: reads which hues need color.  It produces subtle changes
Saturation: equally adjusts all colors.  Okay for overall adjustment.

Theme – Panorama:  15 images submitted.
Brani talked about the images shown.  One of the images was a different take on Panorama.  It was a Stereographic Projection, produced in Photoshop.  Another similar approach is using the Tiny Planet Maker app on your cell phone.

Slide Show – In memory of Van Christou, by Ralph Arnold.

Final Announcements:
In January, members are encouraged to submit a favourite picture taken anytime between Dec 22 – January 6, and will have a chance to talk about them at the January meeting.  Does not have to be a Christmas picture.

A committee will be formed regarding the exhibit this spring at the Helen Schuler Coulee Centre.  Please contact the Photo Club if you are interested in being a committee member.