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Google brings physical Photo Books to Canada

Google now has a photobook feature that can be used to print your favorite images a real analog book.

Images can be selected manually or you can allow Google’s algorithms to select what it deems to be your best images in different categories.

It would be interesting to test to print quality of Google’s Photobooks against some of the other online companies. Anyone going to try it out?!

December meeting review/January update

Our December meeting was held on the 15th with a small but great group of members attending.  The theme of the entire evening was macro, with a wonderful ed segment by Ian Thompson, Byron Lee and David Tanaka.
Ian showed us a few tools that he uses including a plamp which he uses to hold flower and plant stems still in the wind.  Here is one Canadian source for that:
He also talked about reflectors, bellows, focusing rails and lights and the importance of tripods and of choosing the best aperture to tell your story.  He brought the set up for his theme image which was of the inside of a kaleidoscope.  A beautiful and intricate image.
David talked about his focusing rails and different ways to achieve focus stacking, which is taking many pictures of the same object with the focus changing minutely each time, and then stacking these in photoshop to come up with an image with amazing focus.   Here is a good write up about focus stacking and why you would want to do it:
Shaun also brought his equipment for focus stacking, and his beautiful image of a feather in the theme competition was made with it.
Finally Byron gave us a presentation on his macro photography.  Many of his images are of bugs and flowers outdoors, and they shone with amazing light.  With each slide came a tip from Byron on how to get these images such as to shoot in the morning, because the light is amazing, and the bugs move slower when it is cooler out.
The theme for the month was macro or closeup photography.  We had a total of 13 images, ranging from kaleidoscopes, to rings, to bugs, and water drops. The diversity of images was amazing!
Also during the evening, I showed a couple of my shows (as a backup to a couple of shows that had to back out).  One was a secret assignment from years ago that I did with Dixon.  The topic was ‘hard’.  The other was one of my photofusion shows which fit with the theme for the evening as it was macro shots of flowers, and water drops.
To end the evening off, I wanted to resurrect a segment that we used to do in the past where one of our members would highlight a photographer or website that the follow.   My choice for this meeting was ” John Wilhelm is a photoholic”.  I love his creativity of his images of his kids.  His website is

Now.. upcoming for January:
Regular meeting is Thursday January 19th.  The theme is ‘Canadian’ .  If you are thinking of entering an image for the jury of the Canadian exhibit at Casa, you might want to enter it here and get some feedback from the membership.. or just show it off!
The theme for the rest of the evening is BW.  We are hoping to have ed segments which will help you with the upcoming theme’s .  So since February’s theme is “BW” , we will be discussing what makes a good bw print/image, how to acheive that look in processing and in camera, etc.
I have a special guest speaker coming.   Mark Orenstein who was owner of DeJourdan’s photography for many years  and is now with Lifetouch.  Mark also is a long time member and judge in the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada).. and he will be talking about what they look for when they are judging a bw image.
Also speaking will be one of our members, Gord Ayers.  Gord always amazes me with his beautiful bw landscape images and he will be talking about how he works his images. He will be bringing a few before and afters and talking about his process.
I will also be bringing a few samples of a print made on the different papers that Mike Paterson carries, so that you can see what difference the paper makes to a feel of a bw print.  This might also help you with deciding what to print on for your entry into the Canadian exhibition.

On January 21st we will be having a new camera workshop which is open to the public.  Any help by members would be greatly appreciated.  Mostly you just need to be around to help answer questions about your camera gear.    But you can also come to have your questions answered on cameras, setting and some lightroom help.

We will also be finding a date and holding a night where anyone who is thinking of entering into the Canadian exhibit, can bring a few images, ask for help in choosing which ones, on editing, and on printing the image.  Watch the website for a posting as soon as I find a date that works.

I want to also point out that we have a new link in the ‘links’ column of the website, which talks about the do’s and dont’s of memory cards.. what you should and shouldn’t do with them in order to lessen the chances of a bad card or corrupt images.

Lastly, I have just noticed that Photodex has sent us a new code for a discount on ProShow gold and producer that can be used for new downloads or upgrades.  They have just released Version 8, so now might be a great time to upgrade!  Email me if you would like the code!


May Updates

Hello again…
We have a few things happening in May, and here they are:

Casual Meeting – Image Critiquing – Thursday, May 5th

Date:  Thursday, May 5th @ 7:00pm
Location:  CASA – small meeting room

At these meetings, members can immediate feedback for their images and participate in providing critique for images as prints, digital, or otherwise. The atmosphere is less structured than our regular meetings and intended to be very informal.

For those attending, bring along a few images that you’re stuck on, just aren’t sure about, or ones that you love but would like constructively critiqued by the group. Prints or digital images are welcomed.

– – –

May Theme – Sign of the Times

The submission deadline for this month’s theme of ‘Sign of the Times’ is Sunday, May 15th at midnight. Full details about how to submit images are available here.

– – –

March Theme Evaluation – Monday, May 16th @ 7:00 at CASA

Images submitted for May’s theme will be evaluated on Monday evening at CASA. Members are more than welcome to attend. The images will be reviewed and the comments will be presented at the regular meeting on the following Thursday.

Please do consider attending, it’s a great way to see and learn how images can be critiqued.

– – –

Regular Meeting – Thursday, May 19th

Date:  Thursday, May 19th @ 6:30pm
Location:  CASA – ATB Community Room

May’s digital theme is “Sign of the Times”. Submission deadline is Sunday, May 15th at midnight. Full details about how to submit images are available here.

A tentative agenda so far:
– General Announcements
– Monthly Theme: Sign of the Times
– Secret Assignment: Van Christou
– Essay Assignment: Don Reichert
– Short Recap on Focus Calibration
– Processing Challenge/Ed Segment

More details to come…

– – –

Scavenger Hunt – Thursday, June 2nd

Date:  Thursday, June 2nd @ 6:30pm

Our annual Photo Scavenger Hunt will be held on June 2nd at 6:30pm. The rules are simple, teams are given a film camera and a list of objectives and 2 hours to locate and shoot each item or theme. Use the exposures on the film wisely so you can get all the items on your list. The results will be announced at the annual BBQ and at the June meeting. More details will follow as the date grows nearer.

Please note: this is a member-only event

– – –

Year-end BBQ – Wednesday, June 8th

Date:  Wednesday, June 8th @ 5:30pm

Along with the Club year end is our annual BBQ. Gary Stauffer has graciously offered to host it again this year. Official start time is 5:30pm, but feel free to come anytime. The grill will be fired up all night. Please bring anything to put on the grill as well as a communal dish to share. Soft drinks will be provided but feel free to bring your favourite hard drinks. More details to follow as the date approaches.

Please note: this is a member-only event

– – –

Year-End Meeting – Thursday, June 16th

Date:  Thursday, June 16th @ 6:30pm
Location:  CASA – ATB Community Room

As June comes along, so does the Club year end. This is our chance to show our best. The monthly theme is handled a bit differently for June, in that you may submit images in up to four categories:

– single photo of your theme choice, anything goes.
– series of three with a connected theme of your choice.

– single photo of your theme choice, anything goes.
– series of three with a connected theme of your choice.

Your fellow Club members will vote on all categories and there will be a small prize for first in each category.

The results from the Scavenger Hunt will be presented for those that couldn’t make it to the annual BBQ on the 8th.

– – –

That’s it for now… as always, more info for events will be sent as their dates draw closer. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, we’re always interested to hear what you think.

 – Claus

Lethbridge Photo Club Exclusive: 30% Discount on ProShow

Thanks to Samantha Postman, and just in time for PhotoFusion, the kind folks from Photodex have offered a 30% discount off ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer, including upgrades from previous versions.

Please note that this promotion will be over on February 29th.

This offer is valid only for paid members of the Lethbridge Photography Club. If you’re interested please send us an email at and we’ll pass along the promo code to you.

New Units
· ProShow Gold: US$69.95
· ProShow Gold (30% off): US$48.97

· ProShow Producer: US$249.95
· ProShow Producer (30% off): US$174.97

· ProShow Gold Upgrade: US$44.95
· ProShow Gold Upgrade (30% off): US$31.47

· ProShow Producer Upgrade: US$89.95
· ProShow Producer Upgrade (30% off): US$62.97

· Upgrade from ProShow Gold to Producer: US$199.95
· Upgrade from ProShow Gold to Producer (30% off): US$139.97

ProShow 7 New Features
· New Built-in Music Library with hundreds of royalty free songs
· Better video quality and output
· New Built-In FX and themes
· Click here for more about what’s new in ProShow 7

Next Meeting : Thursday, Feb 18th, 2016

Our next meeting is almost here again…

Meeting Agenda
Thursday, February 18th, 6:30pm

CASA, in the ATB Community Room

Monthly Image Theme – Old

Secret Assignment
Presented by Valentina Tkachuk

Essay Assignment
Presented by David Tanaka

‘Been There’ Segment
Presented by Chris Cook

LPCnews video segment
Another installment of Chris Oates’ monthly video presentation, LPCnews.
Here’s a link to the last month’s episode.

Hands-on Educational Segment
– Close-up and Macro Photography

After the break the second half of the meeting will be set up for a hands-on educational segment on close-up and macro photography. We’ll have several tables set up for you to try different techniques. Several members will also have macro-specific equipment on-hand for you to see and try first-hand to help you see a different world that many people overlook.

To get the most out of this, we ask that you bring your camera along. Suggested equipment to bring along would include:

  • Camera
  • Lens, or lenses – If you have a macro-specific lens, perfect. If not, some lenses have a macro setting, and many lenses are still able to focus on items very close up.
  • Flash – Light can be a major issue for macro photography. If you have a flash bring it along. If you have wireless triggers or cables that allow you to use your flash off of the camera body, even better.
  • Tripod – Keeping the camera steady becomes very important when shooting small items.

Have you tried shooting macro or close-up photography before and have questions, or you’ve picked up a set of close-up filters, a set of bellows, a focus rail and aren’t sure how to use them? Or you’re not familiar with any of those items just mentioned? We’ll have the answers at the meeting.

Or, if you’re a seasoned pro at macro photography, feel free to help out, too.

If you’d like to bring along an item or two that you think is suited for macro or close-up shots, bring it along. The more variety the better. Something small, or not so small, with plenty of details that might be overlooked at first glance? You’d be surprised how different things look when you get right up close to them.

– – –

PhotoFusion 2016

Just another reminder about PhotoFusion coming up on March 8th and 9th. Don’t forget the submission deadline is on March 1st. For more info, have a look on our website, here:

We’ll have a few posters available at the meeting if you’d like to promote the event, too.

– – –


Aother reminder that we’re asking for your permission to use any images that you’ve submitted since September, 2014. This would include images from our monthly theme as well as the images submitted for display on CASA’s outdoor screen.

For 2016 and onward, we will be doing more to promote the Club and our public events. The best way to do so will be to showcase the photography of Club members on posters and other materials. But to do so we need your permission to do so.

If your image is used, your name will appear on the finished product, and we’ll let you know how it has been put to use.

Please reply back with your thoughts, and hopefully your permission.

To those of you who have responded, thank you.

– – –

That’s it for now… see you all at the meeting on Thursday!

– Claus

Next Meeting: Thursday, Dec 17th, 2015

Our next meeting is on Thursday, December 17th, just a few days away.

We have a couple new items to present at the meeting, along with the usual features. The agenda will include:

  • a review of the images submitted for the monthly theme of ‘Glass’
  • a Been There segment from Byron Lee
  • a Photo Essay from Ralph Arnold
  • Secret Assignments from Doug Petriw and Gary Stauffer
  • Photo Lab Tests from Brani Srnec
  • Macro Photography info segment by David Tanaka
  • Photo Critiquing info segment by Shaun Dergousoff

Photo Lab Tests

Photography can be simplified into three very basic parts. Capturing the photo, processing or manipulating the photo, and printing the photo. We have near total control over the first two, but when it comes to having our images printed we usually rely on outside sources to take our photo and present us with an accurate representation. Sadly, it doesn’t always work in our favour because we don’t have the control over the final out come. It becomes a case of trial an error to arrive at a result we are happy with. The various sources to have our images printed here in Lethbridge can provide us sometimes vastly different results.
So, to take some of the guess work out, Brani has gone to the various photo printing shops in town to get prints made of the same set of images. These prints will be presented for display at the meeting for your inspection. You’ll be able to see how the results compare with each other.

Macro Photography

David Tanaka will be giving a presentation on macro photography that will include details about how much gear, and how little gear you can use to take close-up photos of the world around us.
This presentation is in advance of hands-on session during the January meeting. You’ll be invited to bring along your camera and try out some macro techniques at we will have set up.

Photo Critiquing

In past years we had so-called ‘casual meetings’ in between our regular meetings where members would be invited to bring along images to be critiqued by the attendees. We would like to bring back these meetings and will take time during the December meeting and present a few images along with sample critiquing as an example of what such a ‘casual meeting’ could be like. While we do welcome additional comments during the theme image review, there isn’t always as much time within the regular meeting to allow for as full a discussion per image as we’d like. We see these casual meetings as way to more fully explore the knowledge gained from image critique.

And lastly…

As with past years, with this being our Christmas meeting, we invite you to bring along a tasty snack to share during the break.

See you at the meeting!