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Next Photoclub Meeting – October 15th, 2020 – via zoom

Our next few meetings will continue to be via zoom. If you haven’t given it a try yet, you should. Some members actually prefer the meetings this way. Often there is really good interaction (during theme) and the photographer is usually there to comment on their image if they wish. You can even access the meeting on your phone, so sit back on your comfy couch and watch if you like!

The meeting will begin at 7:00 on October 15th. Ralph will send out a link before then. Feel free to join in the meeting at any time, even if you can’t stay for the entire meeting.

The theme for this month is sunrise or sunset. Please submit your images by midnight Monday October 12th. It will be an open critique at the meeting, and we encourage everyone to participate both in submitting an image, and in voicing their critique.

There will be a secret assignment by Peter Jowett and a been there segment by Chris Cook.

Chris will have a field trip show, which will have images from the Crowsnest Pass field trip, and any other trips we make in the meantime.

There will be a night sky photography presentation by Chris Oates, George Clayton and John Anvil.

October is usually our Annual General meeting, but since we need to figure out the logistics of holding the votes, etc online, we will be holding the Annual meeting in November instead. Our bylaws allow us to do this.

Please note that in order to vote for the executive at our annual meeting, you will need to be a paid member of the club. Ralph will be sending out the details again of how to get your membership dues to Brani.

And the Annual General Meeting means that it is time for voting for our new executive. Our bylaws state that anyone can only be president for 2 consecutive years, before taking one year off, so Ralph will be stepping down this fall. If you would like to join the executive in any capacity, please let Ralph know .

I think that is all for now! Our club is still active during covid, and we encourage you to take part in our zoom meetings and field trips. If you have something you would like to share with the club, and would like to write something up, with some images, I can create a post on our website which would be like a blog post. A wonderful way to share what you have been up to! We will do all we can to continue with the conversations we had at Casa, but from a distance …

Crowsnest Pass Field Trip – October 3, 2020

We will be having a field trip to the Crowsnest Pass on Saturday October 3rd. If you would like to join the group, meet at Lundbreck falls around 10 am (or earlier if you wish).

We will leave the falls around 10:30 – 11:00 to check out an abandoned cemetary site.

Lunch will be bring your own, or there are lots of places in town to stop and pick something up if you like.

After Lunch, plans are for Star Creek Falls (far side of Coleman). It is a 2.1 km loop and listed as a moderate hike (according to All Trails)

Chinook lake is also a 5km easy hike around the lake, if we have time or if anyone wants to go there.

With our meetings being Zoom meetings right now, field trips are a great way to get out and visit with the other photoclub members. Hope to see you there!

Start of a new club year 2020-2021

Welcome to everyone to the new club year! I hope that everyone was able to enjoy the summer and that they and their families stayed safe. I’d like to thank Ralph for keeping things going through the summer with some virtual meetings, and for getting our year off to a wonderful, busy start!

To start the year off, our first meeting will be a virtual meeting, and we will see how everyone feels for meetings in the following months.

First meeting will be held on Thursday September 17th starting at 7:00 pm. Ralph has send out a link and instructions for you to log into this meeting. If you have not received it, please contact the club through If you need help with this, contact us ahead of time, so that we can help you get set up for the meeting.

Agenda for Sept, 17th meeting:
Theme is Open (meaning no theme, or photographer’s choice)
Theme images should be submitted by the evening of Sunday, Sept. 13th. We will be holding an open critique during the meeting, (not ahead of time) but we need time to organize our photos with Doug so that things run smoothly that evening.
The ed segment will be a gadget show and share. So if you have something that you are using in your photography that you would like to share, please have it ready with you and hopefully you can show it on the webcam. You could also possibly video tape (on your phone) a quick demo of how you use it. Just be sure that you are comfortable with how to show your video through zoom . You might want to contact the club so that we can run a test run ahead of time if you have never done this.
Byron Lee will also be doing a been there segment.
Maybe we will have time for a field trip show from the first field trip of the year to Magrath Historial Trail.
It really is great to see everyone, even on a virtual meeting, so please do try and attend. You can attend on your computer, ipad or even just your phone. If you have never done a zoom meeting before, please do contact us ahead of time, so that we can make sure you will be able to log in smoothly the day of the meeting

Light Matters Convention – October 23, 24, and 25th
Light Matters is the annual convention for the Alberta branch of the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada). They are moving the convention to an Online platform this year, which makes it easily accessible to others, like us. The photography club is sponsoring a talk with Cole Thompson, a beautiful BW photographer, who contributions to the LensWork magazine are stunning. Because we are sponsoring him, we receive a special members price for the online convention of $49 +gst and eventbrite fees. I believe the total comes to around $55. Please watch your inbox for a special code which you will need when registerint to receive the discount. Your registration gets you into all speakers, all weekend, as well as the round table discussion on Friday evening with some (or all ) of the speakers as well as PPOC members. There are many door prizes which will be given out to people who attend the talks, and one big door prize will be drawn for from those that attend all the speakers talks. The website to find more information and to register is

Field Trip: September 12, 2020 meet at 10:30 am
Magrath Historical Trail

This is a 5 km easy hike around a nature reserve.  There is a paved pathway all the way around, as well as a gravel path (following another route around part of the reserve).  At the beginning of the pathway, there are a couple of slight inclines, but they are not very steep for very long.  A standard lens will work well, although a zoom lens could be useful as there are deer in the area.  There is a campground close to the trail, which looks like it should bathroom facilities, and there is a port-a-potty close to the Covered Wagon campground.  There are no restaurants or cafes in Magrath, but a couple of their stores (The Rooster and Winks), has premade sandwiches if you want to have a lunch.  When Gerard and I were scouting out the spot, we walked the trail and took pictures of the elevator, and it was about 2 hours to do both.
Follow the main road through Magrath, and you will see a well marked sign.  Meet at the trailhead at 10:30.
Also, we would like to do a poll to see if members would prefer field trips on Saturdays or Sundays (and we would consider alternating these days, depending on response).
Sigrid would also like to get feedback on places our members would like to go.  Old favourites or someplace new that we haven’t been.

I think that is all to report on right now. You might want to get your membership in early if you would like to participate in these upcoming events. You can either etrsf to or drop of cash or chq at the main desk of Casa and have them put it in the photoclub mailbox. If you have any questions, please do contact us at and we will get back to you asap.

Hope to ‘see’ you on the 17th! If you are into creating zoom backgrounds, we would love to see everyone get a little bit creative with those!

Photography Club Update re: Covid-19

All functions of the Lethbridge Photography Club will be canceled until further notice because of the Covid-19 crisis.  This includes meetings, special functions, and field trips.

We will really miss everyone and hope that you are all home and safe, and working with us to try and fight this battle.. with each other and for each other.

If you are on Facebook, the Lethbridge Photography Facebook group is a great way to stay connected.  Members are posting their theme images, and we are also seeing a few shows that were scheduled for photofusion.  Sometimes it is the pick-me-up that we need.

Here is a direct link to the Facebook group:

We would love to see you there.  If you haven’t been a ‘Facebook person’ , you might want to consider joining at this time.  It helps to stay connected.

We will update the website when we are able to start up again.    We hope to see you soon!


Meeting notes – December 19, 2020

Hi everyone again!  Here are the notes from the December meeting.  Once again thank you so much to Sigrid for writing them up for us!

Introductions: The question for the meeting was: Are you going to submit a picture in the Casa Show?  (A good response…about 20 answered they would!)

Secret Assignment: Annetta Slingerland treated everyone with her beautiful slideshow of “Gardens”
Chris Oates presented 2 field trip slide shows; the first from Writing-on-Stone from November, and the 2nd from the Nikko Yuko Japanese Gardens in December. Thanks Chris for putting together these great slide shows every month!

Sigrid Miklos presented a “Being There” slideshow from her trip to Nova Scotia during the summer.

Theme: “Let there be Light.” There were 20 submissions. Thanks to all who submitted. There was a large variety of pictures which showcased the many talented members we have in the club.

Ed Segment: Presented by Ralph Arnold; “How to Explain Your Main Dial on Your Camera”
What is on the Dial: Program, Shutter Priority (TV) or (S), Aperture Priority (AV) or (A), Manual,  Auto, SCN, and possibly others.
Some cameras may not use a dial, but instead allows you to select a mode.

Aperture (AV) or (A) Priority allows you to set the Aperture (the hole that lets the light through to the sensor). This allows control of the Depth of Field (what is in focus and what is out of focus).
A large aperture has a shallow depth of field. A small aperture has a greater depth of field.
The benefits of aperture priority is that it gives you the best control over what you want in focus and what is not in focus. You set the aperture and ISO you want, the camera will select the appropriate shutter speed. This of course is open for you to override (for instance +/- settings).

Shutter (S) or (TV) Priority allows you to choose the shutter speed you want and the camera will then choose the aperture to give the “correct” exposure. This is best used when you want to selectively freeze or blur the subject.

Program (P) Mode, lets the camera select both the aperture and the shutter speed for a given exposure. There are limitations and benefits. With the camera selecting the two major inputs for the exposure, you had better like what it does! Program mode frees you up to concentrate on focus and composition. It also allows you grab photos with minimal work.

P* Program Mode is available on some cameras. Some Nikons use P* mode which locks in an exposure and allows changes to the aperture. The camera adjusts the shutter speed. (This acts like aperture priority).
Manual (M) Mode gives you the most control over the settings. You set the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, with the light meter and histogram as your guide.
Digital cameras are very forgiving. They don’t complain when you get the exposure wrong, and it doesn’t cost you a dime. By practicing with the various modes, you will find the ones that work best for you. Plus a lot of it is a lot of fun!
**Just remember to put your settings back to what you work with for the next time you want to use it!
Secret Assignment: “Bad Photos” by Carmen Bankonin
Thanks to everyone who shared plates of Christmas goodies during the

November 21, 2019 meeting minutes

Once again thank you to Sigrid for writing these notes up.  Ive missed the last couple of meetings, and haven’t kept the website up either so I’m very sorry for that !  But here is what went on for the November meeting!  It looks like it was a great one!  Thanks too to Ralph for all the work he is doing this year again as president!


Introductions:  Did you ever shoot film?  If so, what type?

Reminder of the upcoming Casa Print Exhibit (Earth, Water, Wind, Fire).  Standard practise for gallery exhibition require white mats and simple frames under glass.  But they will accept alternative dry mounted supports like plexi, aluminum, foamcore, etc., or prints on canvas.  In January pictures will be looked at by a jury.  Final prints that will be on display will need to be printed, with a title and your name.  The showing will run from Feb 29 – April 10, 2020.

Ed Segment:  James Schwartz from McBain Camera stopped by with “Toys for Christmas.”  Members were invited to come up to his display table and see what was new, and what you might want to add to your Christmas wish list!

Thanks to all who contributed and shared your wonderful pictures for the slideshow from Police Outpost Lake.  Thanks to Chris Oates for putting these slideshows together for the club.  Your hard work is appreciated!

There was a photo contest for our new club members who joined this year.  The theme was Landscape.  Congratulations to Serge Faudin for your incredible image of the Galt Mine #8.

Valentina Tkachuk presented a Being There Segment titled:  A Weekend of Shooting.  She had incredible images from Conglomerate Cliffs, Saskatchewan Sand Dunes, Red Rock Coulee, Reesor Lake, and The Historic Reesor Ranch.

The theme for this month was a print image of Family/Friends.  There were 12 submissions in total.  It was noted by our judges that great planning and execution were a big part of several photos.  Several dogs were included as part of “family.”  In one photo which included a cloudy sky, it was noted that colors really pop in this kind of lighting.  Especially for flowers.  Great job to all those who participated.

A Secret Assignment was done by Lorelei Hoffarth.  Titled:  Mile’s Arrival.  It was pictures of her newest grandson, and his family.  Taken in July 2019 in Yacolt Washington. #grammawithacamera

A reminder for everyone to bring snacks to share for the December meeting!

The fieldtrip in December will be to the Nikko Yukko Winter Lights.  Planned sometime for the first week of December.  Watch your email for details.

AGM followed the regular meeting.