Summary of 2022 Year End Meeting and Competition and what to look forward to, plus BIG thank you’s!

Thank you’s:
– thank you to everyone who has attended meetings this year, and participated in the theme, whether online or in-person meetings.
– thank you to the executive who helped me up tremendously at every meeting. The workload was so much easier when it was shared by great members like you. Thanks to Brani (treasurer), Sigrid (secretary), Chris Oates, Maximo Lange, Gail Shaw, Rolf Falshebner, Gerard Toeters and Annetta Slingerland.
– thank you to all that prepared been there shows, secret assignments, and any talk that helped to make our meetings both educational and inspirational.
– thank you to our field trip organizer Sigrid for organizing all the field trips as well as making sure she could attend to host them. And thanks to all the members for attending those field trips.
– thanks to Chris Oates for putting together so many slide shows for us this year, for the field trip shows. And for recording and streaming live our meetings, and running the audio for all live meetings.
– thanks to Brani for keeping our money organized and looking after bookings, payments, etc.
– and thanks to Maximo and Gail for helping out whenever we needed an extra hand.
– thank you to everyone for just being a member!

Our year end meeting winners: You can see all the winning images, plus all the entries by linking to our Photo Website here. Look under the “Theme” folder. (Website is for paid members only)

Single Image Digital:
1st: Winter Hunter by Blair Takahashi
2nd: Science by Lorelei Hoffarth
3rd: Crazy Clouds by Donna Kroeger

Group of 3 Digital Image:
1st: Nighttime by Maximo Lange
2nd: Forces of Nature by Shaun Dergousoff
3rd: Solitude by Byron Lee

Single Image Print:
1st: Lorelei Hoffarth
2nd: Ian Thompson
3rd: Gord Ayers

Group of 3 Prints:
1st: Lorelei Hoffarth
2nd: Gord Ayers
3rd: George Clayton

Congratulations to all the winners! They each receive a gift card from McBains

Our winner for the participation award will be given out at the first meeting of the new year

Paid members can also go to our photo website and see the images and results of our scavenger hunt photos (Too long to list here) under the ‘special projects’ folder. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in this fun event! Maybe next year we will make the list a little shorter 🙂

The new themes are posted on the homepage of our club website. You can find a pdf version of the list here if you would like to print it out to carry around with you.

Instead of a year-end barbeque, we will be planning a beginning of year get together hopefully in September before out first meeting.

Have a great summer everyone. I so hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. Its been a great year, and I hope everyone comes back with images to share in the new year.