February 18th Regular meeting agenda

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our next meeting is already this Thursday, February 18th. And we will have a very special guest speaker, Lee Nordbye from Calgary. Lee will join us via zoom shortly after 7:00 so be sure to log in early so that you do not miss any of his presentation.

Here is a little about him and his presentation:

I am a photographer based in Calgary with a passion to capture bold stories of the Canadian Rockies and roads less traveled.  I get excitement and enjoyment from shooting multiple genres, but the one genre that excitements me the most is capturing bold black and white stories.  For me, stripping visual storytelling down to the fundamental elements, and capturing the essence of the story without color is a big thrill.  I would love to share my passion for black and white photography with you and your club over  Zoom.  I have become a much better color photographer by better understanding the essential elements of storytelling beyond color.  So to me, there is only benefit to all photographers from learning and practicing the basics of black and white photography. 

In a 1-hour presentation, I will cover the storytelling elements and walk through my high-level editing process for black and white images.  I would provide each club member in attendance, one laminated card describing the same elements as in my presentation.  The card is 3 by 5 inches and includes one of my favorite photos on the front. 

Here are some links of his so that you can check out his work before the meeting:


We will start the meeting off with the field trip show from the Japanese Gardens outing which will start right at 7:00 and will be followed by Lee’s presentation.

We will run the theme competition (Special Events/Moments) after Lee’s presentation. Today should be the deadline for that, so I hope you all have your submissions in.

I think that is all that we will have time for, but I look forward to seeing everyone again. Feel free to long in a little early, and have a chat. Before the meeting starts at 7:00

Look for the zoom invitation which I will send out tonight. And look for the email which I just sent out about the field trip that Sigrid has planned for this Saturday (20th) at Henderson Lake.