December 17, 2020 meeting agenda

Reminder of our meeting on this Thursday December 17th starting at 7:00 pm. Lets add a little Christmas spirit to the evening and bring along something Christmassy to the meeting. (A favorite Christmas mug, treats, move in front of your Christmas tree, show us a Christmas project, dress up as Santa, etc) .

An email with a zoom link will me mailed out on Tuesday.

On the agenda:
Theme: A Covid moment
Field trip show: Christmas lights
Secret assignment: George Clayton (and maybe John Anvik)
Educational Segment on the ethics of photography processes by Maximo Lange with discussion contributions by Lars Steinke, Brani Srnec and Lorelei Hoffarth
Field trip show: Alexander Wilderness Field trip

That should take us to the end of the meeting! Remember, to pop in anytime during the meeting, just make sure your mike is OFF before you join the meeting so that you don’t disturb what is going on at the time.

Meeting will start at 7:00