Next Photoclub Meeting – October 15th, 2020 – via zoom

Our next few meetings will continue to be via zoom. If you haven’t given it a try yet, you should. Some members actually prefer the meetings this way. Often there is really good interaction (during theme) and the photographer is usually there to comment on their image if they wish. You can even access the meeting on your phone, so sit back on your comfy couch and watch if you like!

The meeting will begin at 7:00 on October 15th. Ralph will send out a link before then. Feel free to join in the meeting at any time, even if you can’t stay for the entire meeting.

The theme for this month is sunrise or sunset. Please submit your images by midnight Monday October 12th. It will be an open critique at the meeting, and we encourage everyone to participate both in submitting an image, and in voicing their critique.

There will be a secret assignment by Peter Jowett and a been there segment by Chris Cook.

Chris will have a field trip show, which will have images from the Crowsnest Pass field trip, and any other trips we make in the meantime.

There will be a night sky photography presentation by Chris Oates, George Clayton and John Anvil.

October is usually our Annual General meeting, but since we need to figure out the logistics of holding the votes, etc online, we will be holding the Annual meeting in November instead. Our bylaws allow us to do this.

Please note that in order to vote for the executive at our annual meeting, you will need to be a paid member of the club. Ralph will be sending out the details again of how to get your membership dues to Brani.

And the Annual General Meeting means that it is time for voting for our new executive. Our bylaws state that anyone can only be president for 2 consecutive years, before taking one year off, so Ralph will be stepping down this fall. If you would like to join the executive in any capacity, please let Ralph know .

I think that is all for now! Our club is still active during covid, and we encourage you to take part in our zoom meetings and field trips. If you have something you would like to share with the club, and would like to write something up, with some images, I can create a post on our website which would be like a blog post. A wonderful way to share what you have been up to! We will do all we can to continue with the conversations we had at Casa, but from a distance …