Information for our last few events of the 2019 year

  1.  How to prepare your images for the last regular meeting (June 20, 2019).   All ‘themes’ for the last meeting are open.. meaning you can enter any picture that you would like.  The four categories are single digital, group of three digital, single print, and group of three print.
    1. Digital entries (single and group of three) must be submitted by midnight, Sunday, June 16th.  (Information on the site says the day before, but since it is our year end bbq that day, Im making an executive decision and giving Doug a little more time.. so please submit them by midnight on the Sunday before).
    2. Print entries should be brought to the photoclub meeting on the 20th.  You will put your name on a list.  Each name is assigned a number.  Put that number on a sticky note (provided) and either attach that sticky note somewhere on the front of your image, or stick it to the table in front of your image when you find a place for it.
    3. Single digital entries should be named as Your name-S-title.jpeg.  (‘S” for single – so we know it belongs in the single digital entry)
    4. group of three digital entries should be named as Your name-1-title.jpeg, your name-2-title.jpeg, and Your name-3-title.jpeg .  It doesn’t matter if you use the same title for all three pictures, just make sure you put the -1, -2, and -3 .. so that we know what order the pictures should be shown.  And make sure you type your name in the same for all three images.  Sizing should be the same as for our regular theme entries (see monthly theme under club members tab)
    5. Printed images can be any size, just remember that larger ones usually grab the ‘judges’ attention easier.  They can, but do not have to be matted, and they can but do not have to be framed.  We prefer that you do not have glass in your frame if you are bringing them framed, but you will not be disqualified if you do.  They should be mounted on some kind of hard backing.. so that we can move them easier.  The BEST option is to mount your image with a mat around it, so that we can handle it easily without touching the image.
    6. images (both digital and printed) are voted on by the membership.  We will get a sticky note , and you will place your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice on the sticky note for each .. so you will be judging four times… single print, group of three prints, single digital and group of three digital.  The sticky notes are then collected and counted.  If I remember right. 1st place scores 3 points, 2nd scores 2 and third scores 1… but, I might be wrong about that. Ralph will let you know that night.
    7. For the group of three images (print and digital) it is usually better if the three images relate to each other.  They might tell a story, all be landscape, all a portrait of one person, all floral, etc.  They are scored as one, so if they are completely different themes, then sometimes it is hard to do that.  However, you will not be disqualified if you decide to just enter 3 great images..
  2. Scavenger hunt is Wednesday June 5th.  Information was sent out in an email.. Please contact us if you did not receive it.
  3. Year end BBQ is on Wednesday June 19th.. and yes, that is the day before our last regular meeting.  You should bring something to drink, something to cook on the bbq (for yourself and anyone you are bringing), and a dish to share with others.  THe dish could be a vegetable, salad, dessert, etc.  There will be an email going out with the the location and directions to get there.
  4. Last meeting is on Thursday June 20th.
  5. Hope to see you at any of these events that work into your schedule!