April 18, 2019 Meeting minutes

Thank you so much once again Sigrid for putting these minutes together for us!

Introductions: Where would you like to go on your next photo shoot location?

Been There Slideshow: Presented by Maximo Lange. Titled: “What Pushes me to Hike in the Rockies.”  Amazing photographs! Thank you Maximo.

Secret Assignment: Peter Jowett. Subject was Leading Lines.

Chris Oates presented a show on the fieldtrip to the Westside River Bottom. Thanks to all who submitted, and to Chris for putting the show together.

Thanks Brani Srnec for doing an Ed-Segment on Bokeh (the theme for May). For information about Bokeh, please check:

Ralph Arnold and Peter Jowett reviewed and critiqued the print submissions for this month’s theme:  Water.  All photos submitted were amazing. Thanks to all who did.

We had a second Secret Assignment by Judy Gunlock. Her subject was “Things that Start with S.” Very well done show. Thanks Judy.

The club meeting was concluded by watching a short video on the First Image of a Black Hole.

The May meeting is coming up this week. Theme entries should have been submitted by last night (Bokeh), and they will be critiqued tonight (Monday) in the small meeting room at CASA.  Everyone is welcome to join in and help out.  It is such a great learning experience.


The Regular meeting is on this Thursday, May 16 in the community room at Casa starting at 6:30.  The theme is Bokeh.  I believe we have a field trip show by Chris from the Waterton field trip (I’ve seen some beautiful images already),   a Been there by Shannon Kerber (Mexico).  Ralph will be doing a segment on Macro photography and some DIY lighting for it.  Sounds interesting!

As well watch for information on our scavenger hunt (on main page events – June 5th).  And bring any ideas you might have for future been there and ed segments to the meeting.  We will be collecting them to prepare for next year!