December 2018 meeting recap

hi everyone. Here is the recap of the December 2018.  Sorry I didn’t get it posted earlier!  Thanks to Sigrid for taking notes and sending them to me!

Introductions:  How long have you been a member in the club?  And what new photo toy do you hope for Christmas?

The theme for December was Before & After.  It was the photographer’s interpretation of what this meant.  There were 22 submissions.

David Tanaka presented an Ed Segment on:  “How to Get Great Photographs with Any Camera”, based on a book from Jerry Hughes.

Remember:  C.A.L.L.

C – Composition:
What kind of frame do you want?  Portrait, Landscape, or something else?
How much of the subject do you want in the picture?  All, 2/3, ½,  or 1/3?
Where will you place your subject?  Rule of thirds.

A – Angle:
               Walk around the subject
Think about camera height and tilt

L – Lighting:
               Quality- What kind of lighting?  Hard, soft, diffused, or directional?
Directional – Front, back or side?
Quantity – How much light?
Light Modification – Umbrellas, diffusers, or reflectors ?
Time of Day – Golden Hour, Dusk, Dawn

L – Lens
               Wide Angle to Telephoto

Camera to Subject – distance and perspective.  You can change perspective by how close the subject is to the camera.


Chris Oates put together a slide show of the fieldtrip to downtown Lethbridge, held on November 29th.  Thanks to all who submitted, and to Chris for putting the slide show together….AND thanks to Chris Cook for all he does to organize our monthly field trips!

A Being There slideshow was presented by Ekpes Akpanudoh (you might want to double check this, she is a new member of the executive), called “My Trip to England & Scotland”.  Thank you Ekpes for showing us your amazing pictures!

Kathleen Klemen presented a photo essay on “My Mom.”  This was an amazing and heartfelt tribute, to someone who was obviously an amazing person.  Thank you Kathleen.

Thanks to everyone who shared plates of goodies, and to Annetta for the delicious cider!

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