What happened at the Nov. meeting and what is coming up for December

November 15th meeting:

Introduction:  What are you doing new with photography?

Ralph read names and positions of the Executives for the 2018-19 year.

Reminder:  Photo Fusion is planned for March 5 & 6, 2019.   Slide shows can be 3-6 minutes long.

The photo club will be hosting a Post Processing Workshop using Lightroom.  Date is set for January 19, 2019.  Cost will be $15, and will be held at Casa.  This replaces the new camera workshop that was hosted previously.

Thank you Chris Oates for putting together the fieldtrip slideshow from the Sandstone Conservatory.  Thank you Kandra Forbes for putting this fieldtrip together, and to all those who submitted pictures.

Valentina Tkachuk presented a Being There segment from her trip to Newfoundland.  Amazing pictures Valentina!

The Eg Segment for the meeting was “An Insight into Food Photography” by Maximo Lange.

The key to good food photography is to create a story with your picture.  Keep the composition simple, and ask yourself; what is the star of this photo?  Avoid visual clutter and keep backgrounds simple.  Give breathing room by using negative space.  Work inside your own world.  And remember:  No one can see you what was left out of your shot!

Consider your light source.  Use natural light, such like from a window.  Think about back lighting or side lighting to make a picture more interesting.  Front light tends to be flat and unflattering.  There is more pop with back and side light, as well as richer colors.

Consider using Reflectors (bounce light and effect shadows) and Diffusers (soften light).

MOVE!  Find out what works best.  Get different angles.

Color Theory:  Use colors to attract the viewer.  Analogous (creates a warm feeling; calm) and monochromatic (different variation of teh same color).

Some simple tricks:  Use raw ingredients.  Keep your dishes clean.  Add a bit of oil (to add shine)  and water (to add texture).  Show food in the cooking process.  Always use fresh ingredients.

Break the rules!  Stay creative and try to add your own style.

Best focal length for food photography is 50-80mm.  Remember to stay close to the subject.


On November 24 – December 15th, the Trianon Gallery will be showing an exhibition of Van Christou’s photography.   The club will also have some of Van’s photography equipment for sale as well on Nov 22nd.  If interested, contact the club.

The theme for this month was “Flowers.”  It was a print submission.  Nineteen pictures were presented.  Thank you Ian McGillivray and Byron Lee for critiquing the images.

Some recommendations and comments from critiques were:  Watch the direction of your light source.  Treat floral photography as a portrait.  Use a reflector to bounce light and lessen shadows.  Use a shallow depth of field to focus on your subject.  Watch for unnecessary things in your image (parts of another flower, unwanted items in a foreground like twigs, grasses).  Darken edges or leaves to keep your eye on the part of the picture you want.  Too much light can create hot spots.  Using a diffuser can help eliminate these.  Consider spot metering on a flower will help to create a dark background.

The Secret Assignment this month was “Symmetry” by Gord Ayers.


What’s coming up for the December 20th Regular meeting:

For our December meetings, we like to change things up a little bit and make the treats a little more special.  So we ask that everyone bring a small plate of their favorite sweets, or appetizers to share with everyone.  Annetta will also be making up some Apple Cider, and we encourage everyone to bring along their own mug and to enjoy the cider and coffee throughout the meeting.

Theme is Before & After.  You will need to submit 2 pictures for this theme.  You can interpret this theme any way you want to, whether it be before and after a house remodel, before and after beauty photography session for example, or the before and after pictures from a creative editing session.  Completely up to you, just make sure you include a picture both for the before image, and one for the after image.  Upload them both to the theme account.   Please try and label them with an 1- for the before image and an 2- for the after image before the file name.  For example Lorelei Hoffarth-1-A Bridal Portrait   and Lorelei Hoffarth-2-A Bridal Portrait.  With “A Bridal portrait” being the name of the image.  That should get it in the right order and make things easier for our Laptop person.

Theme entries need to be uploaded by midnight, Sunday, December 16th.

Our ed segment this month is by Lorelei on “Your camera’s exposure meter settings and what they mean”.

Secret assignment is by Kathleen Klemen.

ANother Ed Segment by David Tanaka on CALL system.

And a Been there segment by Ekpes Akpanudoh.

And don’t forget about the critique night!  If you would like to help out in putting the critiques together, or would just like to go and listen and learn, that will be in the small meeting room starting at 7:00 on Monday, December 17th.

Also remember that if you would like to go to the Lightroom workshop on January 19th, you must register with your payment by the end of this meeting.
Thanks!  Hope to see you there!








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