What’s happening at our upcoming meeting October 18, 2018

We were delighted to see so many people at our first meeting of the year in September.  We hope to see you at all our meetings, and look forward to seeing your images!

We have a full meeting for October, so I hope you enjoy it all!   We will need to break at the end of the meeting for the last 20 minutes, for our annual general meeting, where we will go over our finances, and elect our new executive.

Our theme for the evening is ‘small town’.  The deadline for submitting for this theme is Sunday, October 14th at midnight.    The images will be discussed at the critique meeting on Monday 15th, and they will find someone to discuss the critiques at our meeting on the 18th.

Also on the agenda, is a field trip show covering the Park Lake field trip and the trip to the Crowsnest Pass.  Thank you again to Chris Oates for putting this together for us and to Chris Cook for organizing the field trips.   Remember to submit your images to Chris O when he sends out the email asking for image if you went to either of these field trips.

The secret assignment is by Denise Nilsson.

Byron Lee will be presenting an educational segment on Light Painting.

And finally if there is time before the annual general meeting, we will have a been there segment by Valentina.

I just wanted to thank Shaun for going over our website and getting it updated again.  In case you didn’t know, you can find our theme images on the website after the meeting by looking under the “Photo Galleries” tab.

Also new rules for submitting your images for the theme.  Please just title your images with your name space, dash, space and the image title.  Such as “Lorelei Hoffarth – A Walk in the Sunshine” .  There is no need to put the date or month in your title any more.

Thanks everyone.  I am off to a photography convention in Calgary, and won’t be at this meeting, so our Vice President , Steven Layton will be taking over for me.  Have a great evening!


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