About our last meeting – Sept. 20th, 2018

Welcome to all returning and new members to our first regular meeting for the year!  It was great to see so many faces.  Thanks to Chris Oates and Ian Thompson for calibrating the projector prior to the meeting.  The images looked fantastic up on the big screen.

Chris Cook started our meeting with a run down of upcoming fieldtrips planned for this year.  They are great fun and everyone is invited to come.  Our first field trip is planned for 6pm, Wednesday Sept 26 at Park Lake.  Please keep an eye out in your email for more information.

Ralph Arnold presented a “Being There” segment on “Trekking the Albania Mountains.    Pictures looked great.  Thank you Ralph for sharing your amazing adventure.

Sigrid Miklos did a talk on how the photo club has helped make her a better photographer over the past 3 years of being a member.   A slideshow followed with the progression of her photography from 2015 – present time.

There were 24 pictures submitted for the monthly theme, which was “Photographer’s Choice.”

Some things to note:

When taking pictures; a lot of things can be corrected or improved through editing programs, but if your focus is off, there is nothing that can be done to correct that.

In portrait photography, a dark background will help to bring out hair highlights.

Sometimes a leading line works better when the first subject, foremost in the frame is in focus.  A slightly less shallow depth of field could help with this.

Renee Pahara spoke about the upcoming Arts Days in Lethbridge from September 22 – 30th.  This is a list of events happening in downtown Lethbridge.  Check out www.artsdayslethbridge.org for more information.

A mini-Ed Segment was presented.  Ian Thompson used 2 of the theme submissions and re-edited them to show how sometimes changing a landscape image to portrait can make more impact.  Removing distractions and improving light and dark contrasts in the sky and foreground can give an image a more powerful “wow” factor.  Lorelei Hoffarth changed the colors of feather eyelashes on her portrait image to show how it can change the look of the subject.

Chris Oates put together a slideshow from the University of Lethbridge fieldtrip and Bird’s of Prey fieldtrip held in August.  Thanks to all who submitted pictures and to Chris for doing a great job on the show.

Our next meeting will be October 18th.  This will be an AGM.  Our president and 4 members of the executive will be stepping down.  Please consider joining and helping the club grow with your ideas and talents!

(Thank you to Sigrid for taking notes and providing this update for me to post! … Lorelei)

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