November General Meeting

We certainly had a full night of amazing images and discussion this evening!  Thank you to everyone who came out and who participated!

The evening started with introductions with the question of the day,  ‘what is the last thing you took a picture of’.  We had all sorts of responses from porcupines, to Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, a table to list for kijji… to my new grandson.  It was a fun few minutes, and gave us a little peek into our member’s lives.

The first show was the Pavan Field trip show, compiled by Chris Oates.  Thanks everyone for supporting the field trips that Chris Cook organizes!  Your images were wonderful.. and thanks to Chris O for putting them together for us again!

Valentina gave us a report on an exhibition that the club will be holding at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre during May and June next year.  More information will be available after our executive meeting next week but generally here is the information that I put into our proposal:

  1. Title of exhibit: Art in the Lethbridge Landscape
  2. Central theme: Landscape images with an artistic flare of parks and nature reserves in Lethbridge

We would like the images to be on the artistic side… something closer to what you would see displayed in an art gallery rather than what you would see in a text book.  It does not mean that you have to use photoshop to create special effects.. as shown by the beautiful artistic image that Gordon Ayers created without any special processing.

Anyways, we will try and figure out how many images we can hang in the gallery and when the deadline will be for submissions, etc.  But it will likely be around  the middle of March to give you time to get your image printed and framed.

George Clayton’s secret assignment was presented… and it took a few guesses but we were able to guess his assignment was “Dark”..  Thank you George.  Your images were stunning.

Our ed segment was presented by Jason from the London Drugs Photo department.  He talked about some directions he sees that might influence photography, like Virtual reality, 360 cameras and drones.  He said that he feels like with more and more people having easier access to creative cameras, that photography communities will develop more, creating places where people can share their images.. Like we do at the photo club.

He talked a bit about their photo lab and the various things that they can print on, from creating photobooks, to mugs and canvases.  They can accept various file types, etc.  But you should look into their website for that.

Thank you to Ralph for organizing this ed segment with Jason.  It was a really great segment, so thank you to Jason too!  If any other members know of someone that they think would make a great speaker, please do contact them, and then us, and lets see if we can make it happen!

Gary Stauffer and David Tanaka let the print critique segment.  This time, they had every member come up and talk about their image for a minute, before they gave their critique.  It was so wonderful to see the everyone being so open and sharing with their images.  I remember a time when we had to make every image anonymous, so that you could hide the fact that it was your image if you wanted to.  But this sharing is just so much better!  I just can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this segment.. both for the conversation and for the images that we were speaking on.  And David and Gary.. you were fantastic, courteous, and encouraging…. thank you so much!!

Just a reminder to anyone who submitted a printed pic, to also submit the digital entry to, so that we can post it on the website theme section for this month.

A few comments from the critiques:
– great perspective by getting down  low to the ground
– great use of the circumstances (smoke) to create a unique picture of something that is so well known (the Burmis tree)
– beautiful use of the golden hour of sunrise to create color on the mountains that many of us never see
– Landscapes do not always have to be wide to be effective
– great use of diffused light to create a beautiful image that looks like a painting
— what is NOT there (in a composition) can be more powerful than what is …
– You don’t need lots of color for a successful landscape image

And that was the meeting, other than a few announcements.  The coffee crew headed to Boston Pizza for great after-meeting conversation.

For anyone who couldn’t make the meeting, remember that we now have a theme gallery on the website, and we will post this month’s theme images just as soon as we give everyone a chance to submit them to us.

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