Recap of October 19th meeting, and What’s coming up in November…

Our October meeting started off with a sort of dedication to long time member Van Christou who passed away recently.  It happened that the executive had been talking about doing more to record the history of the photo club, and Chris Oates was able to arrange an interview with Van this fall about his involvement and the changes he saw as a long time member.  Chris did such a great job of putting this interview together for us, and it was so wonderful to hear Van one last time.   Thank you Chris.

Our ed segment for the evening was on tripods.  I played a short video on what to look for and think about when you are shopping for a tripod, as well as how to use it.  Then Ian Thompson gave a great presentation on the tripods that he uses, and what he loves about them.  Gord Ayers also showed us a few that he has and again told us what he loves or dislikes about them.  It was a really informative segment and I want to thank Ian and Gord for that!

Chris Oates put together a show of members images from 3 field trips recently.  The unofficial trip to the Hot Air Balloons in High River, the Gerry Lutwick memorial field trip to the Crowsnest Pass, and a trip to Japanese Gardens.  Thank you everyone who submitted.  The images were beautiful.  And thank you to Chris once again.

The photo essay of the day was presented by Ralph Arnold.  His assignment was to photograph images for a children’s book.  We were all entertained by his rendition of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss ..  Thank you Ralph for the time you put into creating a great show, and for showing us all how to ‘go outside our box’ once in a while.

The theme for the evening was ‘Wildflowers’ and the critique was led by Ian Thompson.  There were just over 20 beautiful images, and I know we all appreciate the critique which was given.  Thank you also to the members that spoke a little about how they got the shot.  Thank you Ian for investing time into the club once again, to prepare the critique in a way that we are all encouraged to improve every day.

We ended the meeting with the annual general meeting and elections.  The membership voted Lorelei Hoffarth in as president for a 2nd term.  They also voted for 9 people for the board:  Shaun Dergousoff, Ralph Arnold, Brani Srnec, Chris Oates, Annetta Slingerland, Steven Layton, Peter Jowett, Lenna Greer, and Doug Petriw.   Positions will be assigned at their first executive meeting

That wrapped up the night!  Coffee was at Boston Pizza.

What’s up for the next monthly meeting?

Our next monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, November 16th starting at 6:30 in the community room at CASA.  The theme for the evening is Landscape, or environmental portrait for those that want to add a portrait aspect to their image.   REMEMBER that this meeting is the PRINT competition, so there will be no pre-judging done before the meeting.  Everyone should bring their prints in early to the meeting (anytime after 6:00), and we will set them out for the members to look at.  When it is time for the critique, we will have one or two members lead the critique but we will encourage discussion by the general membership also.  Prints can be of any size, and displayed in any way (framed or not)… but you should at least have the print on a hard backing so that it is easier to move around and display for the critique.  It is also easier to critique if the print is at least an 8×10.    (Side note:  I’ve started doing a little printing at home, and if you would like me to try printing for you, I can print up to a 12 x 18.  Just message me and Ill give you a price on that.. and we can discuss papers.   I would probably like to try and give you a 4×6 sample proof ahead of time so that you can approve it before I print it bigger, so it would be good to start this as soon as possible).

Jason from London Drugs will be coming in to talk about what is new in the world of cameras and lenses for our educational segment.

Ralph will be presenting a show he has put together of some images of Van Christou at our field trips combined with some of Van’s theme images over the past while.

The secret assignment will be by George Clayton

Will hopefully have a field trip show on the Waterton field trip.

Other upcoming events and notes from the executive:

A few members will be getting together to calibrate the club projector and laptop.  We hope that this will help some of the differences in brightness and contrast that we have been experiencing.  Hopefully this happened yesterday (31st) but I haven’t talked to anyone that was involved yet.

Our new positions for the executive are:
President:  Lorelei Hoffarth
Treasurer:  Brani Srnec
Secretary:  Ralph Arnold
Vice President:  Steven Layton
Library:  Lenna Greer
Laptop/theme:  Doug Petriw
All around audio and slide show guy:  Chris Oates
Our Instagram account will be handled by Christy Burris (not on the executive)

Valentina volunteers at the Helen Schuler Nature Center and is working to help us get an exhibition there in May-June next year.  Watch for more information as this is confirmed and the process for submitting has been ironed out.

We are working on setting a date for our annual New Camera Workshop in January.  When we hold this, it is open to the public as well as the general membership, to approach any member who is there to help out and ask questions about their cameras or about lightroom and/or photoshop.   What for more information on that.

And we are hoping to book a date in April for a more comprehensive hands on workshop.  We haven’t really decided on the topic yet, or whether it should be beginner or advanced, so if you have any ideas of what you would like it to be about, please do contact us through the website.

I think that is about all for now!

See you in a couple of weeks.


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