January meeting recap

The January meeting focused on Black and White imagery and photos under the theme of “Canadian”.

The meeting started with a great education segment from Mark Orenstein of DeJourdans by Lifetouch. Mark is a long-time member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and he spoke on the guidelines they use for evaluating B&W images submitted to their competitions.

If you missed his talk or would just like to review his points, you can check out our recap of his segment here:  B&W ed segment.

Next, Gord Ayers, a club member that excels in producing beautiful B&W images, talked about considerations and his process for producing B&W photos, from capturing the image to printing.  Gord uses Lightroom entirely to create his beautiful B&W prints, working with all the sliders, making decisions on how he wants the image to feel, what he wants the subject to be and where he wants the viewer to look.  Thank you Gord for your presentation!  We really enjoyed it!

After the break, Brani gave the critiques on our monthly theme ‘Canadian’.  We want to thank those that came out on Monday night to help put together the critique on these 13 images.  So many strong images, from a beautiful Canadian maple leaf near the flowing waters in a creek, to images of the west and east coast and our beautiful foothills and the people that live here.  Thank you so much to those that submitted and to Brani for taking the time to put together the critique for us and presenting it at the meeting.

Our secret assignment was by Elfie Hall and the theme of her photo show was ‘curves’.  Elfie did a wonderful job of finding curves everywhere and including them in this show!  Thank you Elfie!

Gord Ayers presented a “Been There” segment entitled “No Flat Ground”, which was a very appropriate title. The show included photos from his trip to Peru and the mountain treks to Macchu Pichu and Choquequirao. This was obviously an amazing experience from which he came away with some spectacular photos. Thanks for sharing.

Lorelei gave a short talk on how to prepare your opening slide for Photofusion when you are using Pro-Show Gold/Producer to create your show.  This information can also be found here: Photofusion guidelines

That was the end of the meeting, but members are also welcome to gather afterwards at Humpty’s Restaurant for food and drinks, and most importantly, to visit and get to know each other a little better. Besides the talk of elections, cars and food, we also learned how to convert super-8 movies to a digital video (see Chris Oates if you have want to copy video from a film source to digital!).  Some of us also learned how to view those pesky videos on the internet that tell us ‘this video is not available in your area’.  One of our members photographs and documents ‘ticks’ in his job and we started talking about some of the amazing bug photography that is out there.  Sometimes I think that Facebook can hear our conversations because this link came up on my phone later that night (although Facebook denies such eavesdropping).  The photographer talks about different ways to light bugs for those amazing macro shots and he talks about using a ‘plamp’ (which Ian T introduced us to at our December segment on macro photography).  Check it out – there are some beautiful pictures and great tips.

That’s it for the recap of our January meeting.  If you just joined us, thank you for deciding to join our club.  We look forward to seeing your images!

February’s submissions theme is B&W and note that it is a print competition.  Our ed segments for the evening will be centered on night and star photography. Watch for updates on the February agenda.

Images for the Canadian-themed exhibit at CASA must be submitted to Darcy to jury before Feb 9th.  The relevant information (updated) is found on this webpage: Canadian exhibit information

If you are participating in Photofusion please have your shows submitted before the February 22nd in order to give us time to review the shows and organize them for the actual show dates (March 7 & 8).  Information on how to submit can be found here: photofusion information

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