December Regular meeting

December 15, 2016
CASA main community room
Starting at 6:30.. ending aprx 9:00pm (longer for those wanting to stay for extended session)

From now on, the executive will be taking care of bringing snacks to meetings and we will not be making a call out to the general members to bring anything.  However, the December meeting is a special Christmas meeting and we do ask that you bring a small plate of appetizers or Christmas goodies. You only need to bring 6 or 8 pieces because if everyone brings some, there will be plenty. There will be apple cider and we will put the coffee on early, so that you can enjoy it throughout the meeting.  Bring your own mug if you would like to..

The theme for this meeting is “Close up” or“Macro photography”. Macro photography is, “photographing something very small, so that the resulting image is life-sized or larger”. . Close up photography is for those that do not have a macro lens… get as close as you can to your subject.  You do not need a macro lens to enter this theme.  Paid members, or members intending to pay at this meeting should have their images submitted by 11pm Sunday, December 11th. Check out our Monthly Theme page for more details.

Our tentative agenda for the regular meeting is:

Welcome:  Welcome question of the day is “What would you like for Christmas?”
Secret Assignment by Tever Miller
Theme presentation (Macro Photography)
Presentation on macro photography by Ian Thompson, David Tanaka, Brani Srnec and Lorelei Hoffarth.  Each will show you when they use macro photography in their work, and also show some images. You will also see some tools, such as a focusing rail, extension tubes, etc.  All will be available for questions.

After the meeting wraps up, we will have an extended evening, for anyone who wants to stay and try some macro photography.  We will have stations set up and run by Annetta, Brani, Shaun and Lorelei.  Bring something tiny to photograph and your cameras.  It would probably be a good idea to bring your own tripod too.  Each station should have its own lighting, but if you have something you want to experiment with, go ahead and bring it also.

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