April Updates

Hello, just a quick update…

Monthly Themes For Next Year

It may be early, but we’re happy to present the monthly themes for our 2016-2017 club year. As always, we look forward to seeing how you, our fellow members, interpret the themes.

September:  Closed
October:  Gravity
November:  Potent Potables – print
December:  Identical Snowflakes (or ones that are very very similar)
January:  Pay phone (being used)
February:  Things That Start With Q
March:  Invisible
April:  Easter Bunny – print
May:  Sanity
June:  O’pen (an ode to writing instruments) – print and digital

Updated April 2nd, 2016:  We hope you enjoyed our little April Fools prank. But really, we’re looking for suggestions for the actual 2016-2017 monthly themes. If you have some ideas, let us know at contact@lethbridgephotoclub.org

– – –

Casual Meetings – Image Critiquing – Thursday, April 7th

Date:  Thursday, April 7th @ 7:00pm
Location:  CASA – small meeting room

Just a reminder that our next casual meeting is coming up next week.

At these meetings, members can immediate feedback for their images and participate in providing critique for images as prints, digital, or otherwise. The atmosphere is less structured than our regular meetings and intended to be very informall.

For those attending, bring along a few images that you’re stuck on, just aren’t sure about, or ones that you love but would like constructively critiqued by the group. Prints or digital images are welcomed.

– – –

Regular Meeting – Thursday, April 21st

Date:  Thursday, April 21th @ 6:30pm
Location:  CASA – ATB Community Room

A reminder that the theme for April is Dreams, and is a print theme.

Prints can be any size you like. Bear in mind that larger prints may present better than a smaller print. Your prints do not need to be framed, but they do need to firmly mounted on a stiff backer board so they can stand upright. If they are framed, please remove the glass. Whether your print is matted is up to you.

Prints need to be brought to the meeting before 6:15pm so we can get them organized for judging.

– – –

– Claus T.

ps. I forgot to mention it, but thanks to Brani Srnec for the photos taken at PhotoFusion! See them here, along with a recap of the shows.

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