Monitor Calibration for Improved colour accuracy

Are you frustrated by the way your images look when displayed by the projector at the photo club meetings?
Do the colours and contrast level of your photos consistently look all wacky when printed or viewed anywhere other than on your own monitor?

It might be time to calibrate your computer monitor.

We want to make sure that your images are displayed as accurately as possible during the photo club meetings so that everyone can enjoy them as you intended. Just over a year ago we purchased a new projector that can display higher resolution images with greater brightness, contrast and range of colours. But, this upgrade in technology would be a big disappointment if your images didn’t look as your expect them to. So, we calibrate the projector with the computer and lighting conditions that are used during our photo shows. We use a Datacolor Spyder monitor calibration device following these steps.

Using a colorimeter device and software is the most reliable method for producing accurate colour and contrast on your display and the club’s projector.

If you do not have monitor calibration hardware, you can try to improve quality of your display output using only software or test images and the monitor calibration features that are built in to Mac OSX and Windows. Although this involves some subjective adjustments, you may see an improvement.

Check out these helpful instructions and give it a try.

Although monitor calibration if often a neglected topic, it can be one of the most useful methods for improving the consistency and quality of your images.

More Resources:

  • This excellent article from Photography Life gives a thorough explanation of the theory and process of monitor calibration.
  • An article on monitor calibration, specific to Apple computers running OSX. Or, you may prefer to watch how it’s done with this video.
  • Information specific for Windows 7 & 8 computers, and a step-by-step video guide for Windows users.

Come out to April’s photo club meeting (Thursday, April 16/15) to hear about another method you can use to ensure the accuracy of the colours in your photos, no matter the lighting conditions you’re shooting in.

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